Next Santee Cooper CATT is March 29 (Sunday) at John C Land!

To view the Santee Cooper Spring Points go to the Santee Cooper Division page scroll down to the bottom 

We had a great crowd with 46 teams entering and the fishing was great with several teams weighing in over 20 lbs! Some big ones came to the scales and surely there will be some great days of fishing on Santee Cooper coming up!

Go to Marshalls Marine and check out the Caymas boats!

Daniel Howell takes home the big money Saturday at Santee Cooper with 5 bass weighing 26.75 lbs and Daniel took home $2,620.00!

LR Grooms & Wade Grooms earned 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 25.18 lbs!

Don Pendarvis & Bobby Gibbs finished 3rd with 22.44 lbs!

Max Terry & Jamie Glasscock 4th with 22.31 lbs!

Melissa Boodle & Gary Elsey 5th 20.58 lbs!

Jess Williams & Ryan Steen 20.21 lbs 6th Academy BF @ 8.74 lbs!

2nd BF Ray Walsh & Hunter Spivey  7.65 lbs!

46 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Daniel Howell6.5326.75$2,620.00110
Wade Grooms – LR Grooms5.7125.18$850.00109
Don Pendarvis – Bobby Gibbs5.8022.44$550.00108
Max Terry – Jamie Glasscock5.0622.31$425.00107
Gary Elsey – Melissa Boodle6.5620.58$310.00106
Jess Williams – Ryan Steen8.7420.21$547.00105
John Eagen – Chandler Roy4.7317.89$180.00104
Bryan Miller – Jason Green0.0017.88$140.00103
Brent Waynick – Emmett McCauley0.0017.51$120.00102
Michael Craven – Justin Craven6.4617.23101
Mike Watson – Craig McFadden7.1716.82100
Daniel Grassi – Tyler Thompson4.8116.1799
Jamie Blackburn – Chris McClary6.3615.8298
Trye Bryan0.0013.7997
Ray Walsh – Hunter Spivey7.6513.24$138.0096
Ed Paul – Eddie Paul0.0012.3195
Jason Barrett – Ryan Bowles0.0011.7494
Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.0010.7893
Joe Avin – Larry Avins4.1610.6392
Jamie Partee – Jay McCutchen0.0010.5891
Brad Beatson – Brian Scott4.478.3690
Bo Chappell – Ryan Chappell7.457.4589
Illya Smith – Frank Celestine4.414.4188
Donald McLaud –  Ray Inman0.000.0087
Chuck Howard – Ken Ellis0.000.0087
Patrick Williams0.000.0087
Brian Crosby – Benjamin Crosby0.000.0087
Steven Walker – Barry Brown0.000.0087
Barry Sims – Caden Sims0.000.0087
Dave Murdock – Justin Wood0.000.0087
Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs0.000.0087
Jordan Marlowe – Justin Marlowe0.000.0087
Tommy Williams – Thomas Hardwick0.000.0087
Freddie Gamble -Joseph Blanding0.000.0087
Jered Griffith – Austin Odom0.000.0087
John Wilson – Cody Armstrong0.000.0087
Justin Johnson – Scott Bryant6.750.0087
Zeke Lynam – Jered Thompson0.000.0087
David Benehaley – Bucky DeBerry0.000.0087
Ben Cox – Chad Cook0.000.0087
Westley Bilton0.000.0087
Van Turbeville – Jamie Forbush0.000.0087
Jay Weinberg – Morgan Strange0.000.0087
Scott Piatt0.000.0087
Lonnie Jones – Robert Clarke0.000.0087
Mack Cook – Patrick Cook0.000.0087


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