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Santee Cooper is on fire right now! A 20 lb bag wouldn’t get you in the Top 10 this past Saturday! Next Santee Cooper CATT is April 28th and is a GOLD!

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$500 to the Santee Cooper Spring Point Winners Sponsored by Carolina Post Frame!

$250 Treeshaker Gift Certificate to the heaviest bag weighed at the Santee Cooper Spring Trail!

Daniel Howell brought in a super heavy bag of Santee Cooper bass weighing 33.31 lbs! Daniel also weighed the 2nd BF at 8.71 lbs and took home a total of $2,704.00! That total included the BONUS $!

2nd Place went to Freddie & Clark Gibbs with 5 bass weighing 29.25 lbs and they took home $870.00!

Hugh McCutchen & Jamie Blackburn weighed in the 3rd heaviest limit at 26.87 lbs anchored by a 9.40 lb Giant Santee Cooper bass! Hugh & Jamie took home $906.00! They also received an Academy Gift Card!


Larry Avin & Joe Avins 4th Place 25.85 lbs  $450.00!

Patrick & Todd Walters   25.61 lbs!  325.00!

There’s your top 5! More Pics at the bottom of the results!

48 TeamsBigTotalTotal 
Daniel Howell   BONUS $ & 2nd BF8.7133.31$2,704.00110
Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs7.8929.25$870.00109
Hugh McCutchen – Jamie Blackburn   1st BF9.4026.87$906.00108
Larry Avin – Joe Avins6.6225.85$450.00107
Todd Walters – Patrick Walters0.0025.61$325.00106
Mark Hutson – Gary Elsey7.2923.10$240.00105
Mario Colangelo – Reid Colangelo7.3721.59$200.00104
Bryan Cook – Steve Harmon6.5021.53$150.00103
Danny Lowery – Avery Lowery7.7121.36$130.00102
TJ Anderson Shai Haley0.0021.36101
Thomas Edmunds – Sean Skey5.6621.20100
Brent Waynick – Emment McCauley5.1321.1699
Brent Sitton – Craig Caloca0.0021.0198
Chuck Howard – Ken Ellis4.7420.0397
Greg Prescott – JJ Sapp4.3619.8796
Henry McFadden – Chris Hawkins0.0019.8495
Justin Marlow – Wes Brunson5.0919.4194
Brad Swartz – Bryan Miller4.4219.1993
Brett Mitchell – Jerry Montjoy5.7418.8992
Patrick Williams0.0018.6791
Jonathan Brindle – David Grooms0.0018.4990
Bunn Tyson – Thad Driggers5.8417.8489
Johnny Player – John Gardenhire4.9517.7088
Justin Cromer – Taylor Brunson0.0016.7387
j Weinberg – Morgan Strange5.9916.6086
Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.0016.2285
Horace Scott Sr. – Horae Scott Jr.0.0015.9884
Brandon Evans  – Eugene Kasinski5.4915.8083
Hunter Hoffmeyer – Thomas Hoffmeyer0.0015.6682
Jason Smith – Steve Blankinship0.0014.5781
Max Terry0.0014.4780
Eric Bozeman – Max Shuman4.2914.1279
Ted Urquhart – John Ford4.2312.6278
Ron Brown – Robert Brown0.0012.5477
David Murdaugh – Joe Fennel0.0011.9276
Allen Williams – Cecil Wolfe8.0011.3375
Cody Brunson – Braydon Scott0.009.9774
Kyle Austin – Jimmy Austin0.009.3573
Curt Causey – Ronnie Trotter0.005.9872
David Benenhaley – Michael Cox0.000.0071
Jamie Partee – Ken Keels0.000.0071
Wendell Causey – Jay House0.000.0071
Brian Tyler – Dennis Thompson0.000.0071
Zeke Lynum – Jason Morse0.000.0071
Tripp Poplin – Jarred Thompson0.000.0071
Dave Murdock – Steve Borton0.000.0071
Mike Watson – Craig McFadden0.000.0071
Michael C – Brian M0.000.0071
Total Entrys  $5,760.00 
BONUS $  $800.00 
Total Paid At Ramp  $5,975.00 
Santee Cooper 2018 Spring Final Fund  $500.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $85.00 
2018 Santee Cooper Spring Final Fund Total  $2,490.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total  $3,810.00 




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