Next Waccamaw River CATT is June 4 at Georgetown Carroll Campbell Complex!

Mark your calendar! CATT Phantom Outdoors Invitational Waccamaw River July 23rd! Bucksport!

This membership can be applied to any CATT Trail afterwards!
Normal CATT Rules Apply!
Pre Pay on Line or at Ramp Morning of!

$5,000 1st Place based on 50 teams entering!
Entry Fee: $200 per team $210 at Ramp

Enter 1 or more side pots or none! Optional!
Platinum BONUS $100 (Paying 3 Places)
Gold BONUS $50 (Paying up to 3 Places)
Silver BONUS $25 (Paying up to 2 Places)
Blastoff # Determined by Order of Payment!
Safe light – 3 PM weigh in. We will have flights!
Paying 2 Big Fish Places and 1 Place for Every 7 Teams Entered!
Enter 1 2022 Phantom Invitationals & Qualify to fish the Phantom Outdoor Classics!
Lake Norman Dec 2-3, 2022

Danny Martin & Britt Brown brought in 5 bass weighing 15.47 lbs and took 1st Place and $2,340.00 at the 1st CATT Waccamaw River Summer Qualifier!

Greg & Logan Benton took 2nd with 14.37 lbs worth $1,115.00!

Ron Cannon & Dylan McConnell 3rd with 14.10 lbs!

Brian Howard & Richard McConnell 4th 14.02 lbs!

Noah Jones & Ricky Wood 7th with 12.28 lbs!

Kaleb & Danny McLain 9th with 11.98 lbs and the BF at 5.40 lbs!

Britt Brown & Danny Martin4.5115.47$2,340.00110
Greg & Logan Benton3.7514.37$1,115.00109
Ron Cannon & Dylan Mcconnell3.9414.10$575.00108
Brian Howard & Richard Mcconnell 4.5714.02$455.00107
Scotty & Daphne Mixon3.5513.50$350.00106
Wayne & Jerrob Marlow3.4812.91$250.00105
Rickey Wood & Noah Jones4.8612.28$347.00104
RD Price & Chris Ray4.0712.12$160.00103
Danny & Kaleb McLain5.4011.98$483.00102
Dalton Warren & Braydon Clay3.8811.95101
Dustin Powell & Jeremy Hewitt3.0511.77100
Jacob Barfield & John Proctor3.3111.7399
Dylan Gasque & Blake Collins2.4811.5498
Timmy & Wesley Williamson2.9811.2297
Ray Inman & Jennifer Floyd2.7111.0896
Zack Fryer3.2711.0095
Danny Allen & Reid McDowell3.0910.9794
Robby Byrum & Eric Cox3.4510.6193
Charles Fryer & Charlie Johnson3.3110.3692
Alex Cribb & roddy Cross2.8510.3091
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope2.7710.3090
Steve & Jacob Martin2.4610.2389
Chris Jones & Ed Owens3.2210.0788
Eric Freeman & Jonathan Hammond0.009.9187
Tommy & Thomas Collins2.099.7686
Allen Ledford & Landon Calder0.009.6785
Kevin Heniford & Jesse long2.898.7784
Mark Curry & Blake Thompson0.008.6083
Cal Marsh & Garrett Howard0.008.4482
Johnny Johnson & Wesley Howell0.008.4481
James Wade & Steve Spivey1.768.1680
John Eagan & Bill Foster0.007.8979
Benny & Darrick Carter0.007.5678
Freddy Mincey & Aaron Blue0.007.2077
Avery Williams0.007.1676
Smithy Smith0.006.6775
Darren Cook & Peter Horne0.006.0874
Craig & April Simms0.005.9773
Huston Spivey & Jordan Manning0.005.9672
Jeff Cannon & Kevin Edge0.005.7371
Kyle & Kristin Chestnut0.005.4070
Scott & Colton Ledford0.000.0060
Corey Singleton & Jesse Hopkins0.000.0060
O’Joe Gabella & Lee Floyd0.000.0060
Ron & Sonya Terwilliger0.000.0060
Shawn Todd & Keaton Harrelson0.000.0060
Charlie Holmes Sub – Brandon Ford0.000.0060
Anthony Spivey & George Porter0.000.0060
Colby Ard & Justin Laine0.000.0060
Total Entrys$5,880.00
BONUS $$800.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,075.00
2022 Waccamaw River Summer Final Fund$450.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 Waccamaw River Final Fund Total$450.00


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