Danny McLean Wins CATT Phantom Outdoors Invitational Waccamaw River, SC July 24, 2021


We had 63 teams enter the 2021 Waccamaw River Phantom Outdoors Invitational this past Saturday and we had some good weights brought in! We also paid out a ton of  money! When the weigh in was wrapped up over $18,000.00 was awarded! We’ll post plenty more pictures tomorrow!

Also guys you can qualify to fish for a $10,000 1st Place price at Lake Hartwell in November! 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational CLASSIC!


The 2021 PHANTOM OUTDOORS Invitational Classic will take place on Lake Hartwell Nov 5-6 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place!

Green Pond Landing & Event Center – 470 Green Pond Rd, Anderson, SC 29625

Either SC & GA License are valid. You do not need both.

Kerr Championship The Past 3 Years  **2018 & 2019 1st Place Winners Have Taken Home $25,000.00! 2020 Winners took home $24,000.00!

A team or solo angler must fish 2 CATT events to Qualify! You may fish the Invitational solo or with your partner or alternate partner your team used in any CATT event.
You can get in your 2 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2020 and CATT Spring 2021! Any CATT event after June 1, 2020 will count!

How To Qualify

Must enter 2 CATT or Phantom Outdoors Invitational Events (Qualifiers & Finals) to be eligible! Enter 1 or more of these event as a team – Entering solo or with a Sub also counts toward your teams Championship & Classic Qualification! The 2 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail! If you enter 2 – 2021 CBC Qualifiers you are eligible to enter!

Invitations are sent to select Trails and Clubs!

Entry Fees

$200 Per Team Entry – $210 At Ramp

Optional Platinum BONUS $100 – Paying Up to 3 Places

Optional Gold BONUS $50 – Paying Up to 3 Places

Optional Silver BONUS $25 – Paying Up to 2 Places

Our Waccamaw River Phantom Outdoors Invitational Winner was Danny McLean with 5 bass weighing 16.85 lbs! Danny took home $6,800.00! Great job Danny!

2nd Place went to Shawn Todd & Keaton Harrelson with a limit weighing 16.61 lbs! They took home $2,000.00!

3rd went to Danny Allen & Reid McDowell with a bag of River bass weighing 16.23 lbs! They earned $3,900.00!

Mark Curry & Hunter Dickerson finished 4th with 15.94 lbs! They collected $2,275.00!

5th Place went to Britt Brown & Danny Martin with 15.33 lbs! They took home $1,050.00!


1st Lews/Strike King Big Fish went to Cody Squires & Dillon Thompkins with a fat 6.76 lb bass worth $840.00! They also received a $100 Lews/Strike King Gift Card!

The Academy 2nd BF went to James Wade & George Porter with a 6.01 lb bass!

More pictures on the way!


1Danny McLean4.4816.85$6,800.00
2Shawn Todd – Keaton Harrelson4.2516.61$2,000.00
3Reid McDowell – Danny Allen3.7216.23$3,900.00
4Hunter Dickerson – Mark Curry5.9615.94$2,275.00
5Britt Brown – Danny Martin3.2515.33$1,050.00
6Johnny Duarte – John Proctor4.5514.66$500.00
7Dillon Thompkins – Cody Squires6.7614.56$840.00
8Dylan McConnell – Dave McConnell3.6014.24$300.00
9George Porter – James Wade6.0113.99$440.00
10Gary Pope – Kevin Alford3.6813.57
11Jess White – Allen Anderson4.8813.55
12JD Farrand – Casey Stamey4.3013.49
13Steve Martin – Aistin Winburn3.2713.43
14Wade Cook – Brian Howard2.9913.41
15John Alford – Glenn Altman4.6712.95
16Avery Williams – George Gore2.6012.36
17Ben Cox – Chase Marshall4.7412.16
18Mike Gerald – Jesse Norris3.2312.14
19Hayes Hudson – Brent Long5.9412.09
20Cal Marsh – Garrett Howard3.5512.00
21Ron Cannon2.9711.76
22Chris Blanchette – Justin Witten2.6911.66
23Chris Jones – Ed Owens3.2811.58
24Jesse Hopkins – Corey Singleton3.7911.03
25Winston Martin – Wayne Marlow2.7410.98
26Bennett Lawshe – Marshall Sasser2.3610.78
27Matthew Moore – Jarrob Marlowe2.5510.77
28Ojoe Gabella – Lee Floyd3.1610.42
29Tim Williamson – James Walters2.4210.30
30Anthony Lee – Jason Owens2.6010.28
31Charles Proctor2.5310.07
32Robbie Byrum – Bill Grier2.329.41
33Mark Johnson – David Thornell2.529.34
34Tommy Collins – Thomas Collins3.428.71
35James Robison – William Gregory3.277.96
36Caleb Cox – Ashton Culick2.177.09
37John Campbell – James Fender2.326.82
38Ronald Terwilliger – Kevin Owens0.004.72
39Ron Poston – Trey Cribb0.000.00
40Van Turbeville – Johnathan Hammond0.000.00
41Scotty Mixon – Daphne Mixon0.000.00
42David Quandt – Carson Quandt0.000.00
43Jamie Godbolt – Danny Rabon0.000.00
44Chad Williams – Rodney Hardee0.000.00
45Chris Alston – Derrick Anderson0.000.00
46Jacob Barfield – Nicolas Nobles0.000.00
47Nick Gant – Patrick Cook0.000.00
48Josh Medlin – Nate Rabon0.000.00
49Scott McClellan – Charles Fryer0.000.00
50Patrick Tindall – Carlus King0.000.00
51Chris McDuffie – Greg Creech0.000.00
52Seth Rabon – Timmy Squires0.000.00
53Dason Lasek0.000.00
54Michael Dennis – Bill Moore0.000.00
55Chad Pennell – Casey Warren0.000.00
56Jamie Strickland – Ryan Minrow0.000.00
57Justin Mizzell – Walker Mishue0.000.00
58Jamie Blackburn – Dale Carter0.000.00
59Wesley & Ronnie Williamson0.000.00
60Andy & Tucker Howell0.000.00
61Wesley & Branson Howell0.000.00
62Kaleb Gerald – Adam Lewis0.000.00
63Carlton Thompkins – Joel Barfield0.000.00


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