Next Tidewater CATT is June 14 at North River – Waterlilly Ramp

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Finally we get to start up! David Buchanan & Brian Richardson brought in 5 bass weighing 20.01 lbs topping the 25 boat field! They collected $1,200.00!

Charlie Reed & Tommy Houlroyd finished 2nd with 17.07 lbs! They weighed in the 2nd BF at 6.08 lbs and took home the BONUS $All total they collected $975.00!


3rd went to Mike Evans & Brian Cooper with a limit weighing 17.o3 lbs for a 250.00 payday!

Matt Greschak & Dustin Alley claimed 4th with 16.11 lbs!

TE Jones & Trey Jones with a nice bag!

Tom Foster & David Gardner brought in 5!

Brad Higginbotham  Nathan Barber with another limit!

Jeremy Gatewood  & Jared Albritte received a $100 cash award by drawing sponsored by MOTORTECH Sales & Service! Click on the logo for more info!

25 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
David Buchanan  Brian Richardson0.0020.01$1,200.00110
Charlie Reed Tommy Houlroyd6.0817.07
Brian Cooper  Mike Evans0.0017.03$250.00108
Matt Greschak Dustin Alley0.0016.11$200.00107
Jaff Hayden  Benny Cannon8.0116.09$295.00106
Keith Jennings  Jerry Murray0.0016.07105
 Tom Foster  David Gardner0.0016.03104
Joe Glazebrook  Chris Carmell0.0014.00103
Jim Dick  Greg Dick0.0012.14102
TE Jones  Trey Young0.0012.07101
Brad Higginbotham  Nathan Barber0.0012.04100
Matt Jennings Mark London0.0012.0499
Scott Shaffer0.0012.0298
Ken Kipler  Shawn Dunlap0.0011.1597
Travis Badgett Derek Smith0.0011.0696
Scott Rock  Cliff Hoggard0.0011.0095
Mike Scott  JP Scott0.0010.0194
Chris Turner  Quinton Chappell0.002.0393
Jeff Knapp   Ben Knapp0.000.0092
Stacy Light  Paul Harris0.000.0092
Jeremy Gatewood  Jared Albritten0.000.0092
Benny Hendricks  Ronnie Ketchum0.000.0092
Charles Wethersbee Michael Hinson0.000.0092
Russell Gammon John Lane0.000.0092
Luke Nickert Andrew Bass0.000.0092
Total Entrys$3,000.00
BONUS $$350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,920.00
2019 Tidewater Final Fund$330.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Tidewater Final Fund Total$330.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$3,300.00


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