David Buchanan & Brian Richardson Win CATT Tidewater Spring Final Perquimans River, NC June 6, 2021


We finished up the 2021 Spring CATT Tidewater championship on the Perquimans River today. It certainly didn’t feel like spring at weigh in as anglers dealt with hot temperatures. In the end the fishing ended up being pretty warm itself as most of the teams brought five fish limits to the scales. The team of  David Buchanan and Brian Richardson defended last years season ending championship by bringing in 19.49 lbs to take the win and a $3,600 payday!  Mike Evans and Brian Cooper made a run at the win with a 18.58 lb bag to take home $1,500 for second place. Rounding out the top three was the team of Mark Moretz and Ray Cobb with 18.29 lbs.

We know that you have options when picking a trail to fish and we appreciate each and every team that came out to fish with us this spring! The CATT Tidewater Spring Trail paid back $33,o95.00! Thanks to Matt & Dawn Jennings for making this trail better and better each year!

Mark your calendar! The 2021 Phantom Outdoor Invitational is June 26th at the Chowan River, NC Bayside Marina in Edenton! $5,000 1st place with a minimum of 50 boats entered! Tap on the link for more entry fee and more info!

David Buchanan and Brian Richardson with their 1st Place Plaques!

Billy Saunders & Brian Jackson with a nice bag!

Tidewater Point winners Gerald & Spencer Murray!

44 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
David Buchanan – Brian Richardson5.1719.49$3,600.00
Mike Evans – Brian Cooper0.0018.58$1,500.00
Mike Moretz- Ray Cobb0.0018.29$800.00
John Lane-Russell Gammon
Billy Saunders – Brian Jackson0.0017.39$400.00
Kenneth Moore5.6117.02$250.00
Rick Plemons –  Chris Pike
Jobie Walker-Chris Napier6.0814.67$280.00
Bob Gomez – Eddie Tipton4.9814.09
David Gardner – Tom Foster0.0013.57
Jeremy Gatewood- Ian VanDyke0.0013.44
Chris Turner0.0013.42
Jeff Hayden – Benny Cannon
Ben Knapp – Mike Knapp4.2312.90
Ronnie Ketchum – Benny Hendricks0.0012.89
David Shaffer – Scott Shaffer5.1512.46
Keith Jennings – Jerry Murray0.0012.06
Jason Law – Terry Lovell0.0011.92
Vernon Townsend – David Ward0.0011.91
Michael Evans
Eugene Foushee -Franky Jordan0.0011.83
JP Scott – Mike Scott0.0011.82
Nick Meek-Kyle Verkuilen0.0011.53
Spencer Murray- Gerald Murray0.0011.21
Matt Jennings- Mark London6.0110.91
Ricky Mize – Quinton Chappell0.0010.77
Tony Baker – Chris Wynne0.0010.71
Brad Higginbotham0.0010.25
Jimmie Ritter – Zach Boslau
James Williams – Steve Brickhouse0.008.83
Jim Dick – Greg Dick0.004.91
Scott Rock – Jaden Rock0.000.00
Charles Doss – David Hickman0.000.00
Travis Badgett0.000.00
Charlie Reed0.000.00
Richard Griswold0.000.00
Gary Debrito0.000.00
Josh Powell – Eric Roundtree0.000.00
William Heighter0.000.00
Joe Glazebrook- Christopher Carmell0.000.00
Gil Burk – Matt Burk0.000.00
Ricky West0.000.00
Larry Barefoot-Robinson0.000.00
Nate Kilgore0.000.00
Total Entrys$5,160.00
BONUS $$600.00
Tidewater Spring Final Fund$2,045.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,830.00
Grand Total Paid Spring 2021 Tidewater$33,095.00


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