5 Alive Team Trail Qualifier #3
Lake Gaston – 4/24/2021

I will start off by saying that I am 3 for 3 so far at scheduling tournaments in the middle of a cold front.🙄 I want to say a big Thank You to all that came out and fished with us yesterday.
We had 55 boats come and prepare for battle with all the spotted bass that seem to have taken over that lake. Them thangs are mean!
At the end of the day it was the team of David Farman and D.J. Farman that came out on top. They brought in a 5 fish limit weighing 13.59 pounds earning them a total of $1935.00 with T.W.T.  Following closely was the the team of Allen Farman and Randall Stroupe with a 5 fish limit weighing 13.38 pounds. Earning them a total of $875.00. Don’t yall know there was a lot of trash talk going on between all them Farmans after this one.😂 The team of Strickland and Mister won our big fish for the tournament with a fish weighing 4.83 pounds. Earning them a extra $550.00 on top of their earnings for finishing 8th place which was $120.00. Bringing their total to $670.00.
The Bobcats Bait and Tackle KidsTournament was won by Mr. Ethan Larabee winning him another $50.00 gift card to Bobcats. The Daves Tournament Tackle giveaway was won by our other kid in the tournament Mr. Logan Revels. As if he hadn’t won enough D.J. Farman also won the $50.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card giveaway. He needs to go play the lottery!😂. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! to all of our winners yesterday.

We will be back in action next Saturday at Mayo Lake 5/2/2021 for our 4th Qualifier.
Hope to see yall there! THANKS!

1st. Farman & Farman- 13.59.  $1935.00. TWT
2nd. Farman & Stroupe-  13.38.  $ 875.00 TWT
3rd. Frances & Backus-  12.81.  $ 645.00 TWT
4th. Morton & Riggs-  12.75.  $ 275.00
5th. Crittenton  &  White –  12.69. $ 230.00
6th. Wagner & Wagner-  12.48.  $ 210.00
7th. Combs & Denny –  12.27.  $ 195.00
8th. Strickland  & Mister –  12.26.  $ 120.00

Big fish.
Strickland  & Mister-  4.83.  $ 550.00


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