The 2021 Academy CATT  Championship will take place on Kerr Lake May 22-23, 2021 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place!

Nutbush Ramp Kerr Lake State Park – 115 Jack Wade Farm Road, Henderson, NC

Either NC & VA License are valid. You do not need both.

**2018 & 2019 1st Place Winners Have Taken Home $25,000.00! 2020 Winners took home $24,000.00!

A team or solo angler must fish 2 CATT events to Qualify! You may fish the Championship solo or with your partner or alternate partner your team used in any CATT event.
You can get in your 2 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2020 and CATT Spring 2021! Any CATT event after June 1st 2020 will count!

Tap on the link for info!

Mark your calendar! June 26 Chowan River, NC Bayside Marina in Edenton! Phantom Outdoors Invitational $5,000.00 1st Place! You don’t have to qualify for this tournament! Just be there! Here’s the link to the Phantom Series info!

2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitationals Series

Next Old North Qualifier is Saturday May 15th at Shearon Harris!

Check out the winners & the cash they earned  from this past weekend on Jordan Lake!

David Farmer / Matt Deese6.6425.88$2,580.00110
Todd Staker / Scott Woodson5.9322.97$1,280.00109
John McLleland / Eric Schell6.0620.82$665.00108
Billy Bledsoe / Brian McDonald0.0020.49$335.00107
Tim Goad / Mark Williams7.7119.99$459.00106
Todd Sumner / Mike Dinterman4.6218.49$185.00105
Bo Adams / Brian Fritts6.1718.36104
Terry Amen / Casey Johnson7.3716.68$96.00103
Dennis Reedy / Scott Smith4.8816.41102
Dane Butler / Derick Wright3.2913.18101
Jonathan Rhew / Roger Clery3.5411.85100
Jason Godwin / Ronnie Williams3.5411.7099
Scottie Braswell / Tim Grice3.689.5798
Harley Oxendine2.977.6997
Gary Johnson Chris Inscoe0.007.5196
Ron & Zackery Johnson3.187.4595
Brandon Taylor / David Eagle2.307.2994
Jeff Shaw / James Richmond4.225.8293
Dennis & Dalton Allen0.004.2092
David Newell / Chris Marshall0.000.0082
Mike Corbishley / Bryce McClenney0.000.0082
Johnny & William Howard0.000.0082
Jordan & Mark Young0.000.0082
Rick Dunstan / Josh Huff0.000.0082
Steven Michaels / Kenneth Ragland0.000.0082
Walt Warner / Adam Petty0.000.0082
James & Deloris Davis0.000.0082
Joshua Genthe0.000.0082
Tim & Allen Arnett0.000.0082
Earl McMillan / Frank Grimsley0.000.0082
Rich Z / Jamie Olive0.000.0082
Greg Creech / Chris McDuffie0.000.0082
Dale Delaney / Mike Salguero0.000.0082
Josh Whitford / Tyler Ivey0.000.0082
Total Entrys$5,120.00
BONUS $$1,200.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,600.00
Old North 2021 Spring Final Fund$550.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$3,620.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$2,870.00


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