Tournament Results Lake Wylie, Oct 5, 2019 David Winters & Mike Allman Win Wylie! 13.13 lbs! Next Wylie CATT is Oct 19th!

Next Lake Wylie Fall CATT is Oct 19 at Buster Boyd Bridge!

Don’t forget guys you can go by Rusty Hooks Bait & Tackle and pre pay! 1st Place at the Lake Wylie Fall Final is $2,000.00!

Mike Allman & David Winter win with 5 bass weighing 13.13 lbs!

Glenn Sparrow & Chris Baumgardner 2nd with 11.98 lbs!

3rd Michael Yochem & Jeff Wilson 11.23 lbs!

15 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
David Winters/Mike Allman3.6213.13$795.00110
Glenn Sparrow/Chris Baumgardner2.4311.98$200.00109
Michael Yochem/Jeff Wilson3.7511.23$185.00108
Thomas Richmond/Artie Phillips2.7911.06107
Brian Dooly/Cacey West2.567.70106
Ryan Shoaf2.936.81105
Chris Cook/Donald Black2.066.73104
Terry Carteret1.791.79103
Gordon Smith0.000.00102
Jay Adams/Tony Colcurcio0.000.00102
Phillip Carson/Gene Sparks0.000.00102
Rick Corn/Rick Corn Jr0.000.00102
Teddy Hutchinson0.000.00102
Tim Chapman0.000.00102
Todd Garner/Robert Fowler0.000.00102
Total Entrys$1,200.00
BONUS $$300.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,180.00
Wylie 2019 Fall Final Fund$260.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$30.00
2019 Wylie Fall Final Fund Total$260.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund Total$815.00


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