We didn’t get to 50 teams of course but guys I’m going to make this series worth your time! We’re only holding out $100 for the Final at each Qualifier but CATT will throw in another $870 to make a decent Final payback and some point money for the top 3 in the points! 100% payback plus another $870!

Academy Gift Cards awarded at each event to the winners!


So the $ paid back at the May 5th Final will look like this…

 May 5th Entrys $1,080.00
Final Fund$400.00
Total Borderline Final$2,350.00
1st Points$250.00
2nd Points$150.00
3rd Points$100.00

Also at the Final we will award 2 Level Performance Rods $400 Value!

2 Lews Mach II Combos $400 Value

2 Free Entrys to the 2018 CATT Championship on Kerr June 2-3 $400 Value

Final winners will receive 2 CATT Hoodies $70 Value

Final & Point Winners Receive Plaques!


David Winters & Robin Carico take 1st Place at the 1st Borderline Qualifier with 5 bass weighing 16.22 lbs! They weighed the BF at 5.52 lbs and claimed the BONUS $ for a total of $860.00!

Next Borderline Qualifier is March 10th! We will pay for 18 teams and as we said membership is closed for the Spring!

PlaceTeamBig FishWeightWinningsPoints
1David Winters/ Robin Carico    BF & BONUS $5.5216.22$860.00110
2Brian Huskies/Thomas Vickers0.0015.29$250.00109
3Ted Geddis/Joe Hansil0.0013.25$130.00108
4Todd Garner/Shane Hartman0.0011.69107
5Tim Chapman/Mark Leech0.009.75106
6Brent Kaukowski/Todd Farris0.006.65105
7Patrick Houpe/Jesse Smith0.005.99104
8Dave Calbert/Bill Carothers0.005.08103
9Will Dewey/Alex Dewey0.004.70102
10Wayne Leonard0.004.35101
11Chris Ellis/Matt Frazier0.002.69100
12Jonathan Peeler/Brookes Jones0.000.0099
13Aric Dwyer/Zach Bollick0.000.0099
14Bucky Helms/Josh Warren0.000.0099
15Greg Clayton/Travis Robinson0.000.0099
16Glen Sparrow/Chris Bumgardner0.000.0099
17Clay Williams/David Williams0.000.0099
18Tyler Bess/Dalton Gront0.000.0099
Total Entrys  $1,080.00
BONUS $  $260.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $1,240.00
Wylie Bordeline Final Fund  $100.00
2018 Wylie Borderline Final Fund Total  $100.00

2nd Brian Huskins & Thomas Vickers

3rd Ted Geddis & Joe Hansil


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