The 2022 Spring Kerr Lake CATT Trail is posted! The 2022 CATT Championship is May 21-22, 2022 on Kerr Lake! So come on out and let’s fish for some BIG MONEY!

Dennie Gilbert & Charlie Redd weighed in 5 bass at 16.66 lbs  taking 1st Place worth $3,155.00!

Check out the rest of the money winners!

Dennie Gilbert – Charlie Reed3.5016.66$3,155.00
Ben Dalton – Tyler Calloway4.4815.39$1,000.00
Brandon Prichett4.8514.86$1,390.00
Clay Ross – Jeff Ross0.0014.37$680.00
Kenny Beale – Brian Calloway4.7313.61$400.00
Steven Griggs -Tim Parker3.5012.11$200.00
Samuel Porter – Jimmy Porter3.8711.80
Ryan Roller3.1911.56
Tyler Trent – Ricky Trent0.0011.07
Jef Taylor – Mike Connely0.0010.50
Bobby Kennon – Ross Kennon0.0010.45
Donald Coleman0.008.80
Elton Clements – Rick Clements0.008.45
Wayne Andrews – Tim Tae3.987.98
Randy Waterman – Eddie Fore0.000.00
Bobby Overby – Tony Milam0.000.00
Wesley Harris – Travis Garrett0.000.00
Kurt Poythress – Steve Loper0.000.00
Mike McMillen – Terry Easter0.000.00
Paul Worthington0.000.00
Reggie Norfleet – Charlie Gunter0.000.00
Mike Riggs0.000.00
Matt Norras – Kevin Kane0.000.00
Jay Fogleman – Doug Stallings0.000.00
Tommy Marrow – Dennis Reedy0.000.00
Greg Lahr – Jackson Lahr0.000.00
Brandon Curtis0.000.00
Kenny Wilson Lycia Niethammer0.000.00
Tom Wilkerson0.000.00
Charles Burton – Vick Matthews0.000.00


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