With bad weather looming we made the decision to move the final stop of the season to Smith Mountain Lake. 17 anglers showed up to fight out for the win and to make the top 3 cut in points to fish off at the Championship October 17th. With a unique format we take the top 3 in points and the best finisher out of those 3 win Angler Of the Year.


    Jonathan Graham and Brandon Overstreet had a commanding lead coming into the event for the top 3 cut. But with a 3 way tie for that 3rd slot, it was shaping up for the biggest battle of the day. Jesse Pingilley, Buster Spencer, and James Stanley would launch with one focus, “make the cut”. At mid day James Stanley had 3 fish and missing several others. James managed 1 more fish in the evening to land him in 5th place. James showed his determination and focus landing him the 3rd and final slot to fish off for Angler of the year.
   Dennis Toms had his best day on the water yet. With 83.25 inches Dennis brought home the win aswell as his 2nd win of the season.
  Bruce Deel had 77.75 inches landing him in 2nd place. Bruce looks to be a favorite to win the Championship tournament next month.
  Brandon Overstreet had 75.25 inches with a 21 inch bass landing him in 3rd place.
  Luke Overstreet was our youth Champion 
  Jo Nelson was your Ladies Champion 


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