Dillon Thompkins & Cody Squirers Win Catt Waccamaw River, SC Open Jan 25, 2020


Dillon Thompkins & Cody Squirers win with 10.89 lbs and Side pot worth a total of $1,200.00!

2nd went to Charles Freyer with 10.82 lbs! Charles took home $440.00!

Stephen Smith with the BF at 5.40 lbs!


Cody Squirers & Dillon Thompkins3.1110.89$1,200.00
Charles Fryer3.1910.82$440.00
Scott & Colton Ledford2.469.36
Chris Jones & Ed Owens2.409.22
Kyle & Mark Johnson0.008.91
Wesley Williamson & Kaleb Gerald3.128.48
Shawn Hicken & Mitch Garner2.608.48
Cal Cox & Brad Suggs0.008.38
Lee Turberville & Jamie Forbush0.007.37
Austin Winburn & Jacob Martin0.006.75
John Proctor & Charlie Holmes0.006.18
Don McLaud & Ray Inman0.006.06
Andrew Vereen & Stephen Smith3.605.40$160.00
Casey & Charlene Leach0.005.05
Casey Warren & Ryan Thompson0.000.00
J D Farrand & Casey Stamey0.000.00


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