Donald Hinson & Alan Fletcher Win CATT Lake Wateree Open, SC Oct 12, 2019


Tournament Results Lake Wateree Open, SC Oct 12, 2019 Fletcher & Hinson Win by 1/2 lb! Points Getting Tight!

Next Wateree Open is this coming Saturday Oct 19 at COLONEL CREEK LANDING!

Remember guys you have to fish 6 Wateree Open to be eligible to enter the Lake Wateree Open Final Nov 23rd! As of now we have $4,005.00 in the Wateree Open Final Fund and $1,500.00 in the Point Fund! The Point race is tight with only 2 points separating the top 2 teams! Point winners fish the 2020 Lake Wateree Open Qualifiers FREE! 

Donald Hinson & Alan Fletcher weighed in 5 bass at 15.01 lbs on a tough day of fishing to take the win! They took home $890.00!

2nd went to Jerry Freezon & Brad Petway with a limit weighing 14.45 lbs!

Tim & Craig Haven claimed 3rd with 13.61 lbs!

Dearal Rodgers with 2 nice uns!

18 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Alan Fletcher – Donald Hinson4.1615.01$890.00110
Brad Petway – Jerry Freezon4.4414.45$270.00109
Tim Haven – Craig Haven3.8913.61$120.00108
Dearal Rodgers4.7612.31$112.00107
Kevin Malone2.5111.18106
Johnny Player – Freddie Gibbs3.3911.17105
Jason Bateman – Michael Bateman2.7510.47104
Scott Williams – Robbie English2.409.43103
Jared Upchurch – Randy Wilson3.746.95102
David Ethridge – Butch Williams4.696.37$48.00101
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin0.003.43100
Addi Collins – Brett Collins0.002.2199
Paul Galloway – Jerry Galloway0.000.0098
Jason McCoy – Casey Stevens0.000.0098
Matt Nettles – RB Blackman0.000.0098
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson0.000.0098
Jared Griffith – James McMillian0.000.0098
Lee Royson – Jeff Reynolds0.000.0098
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund$440.00
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$4,005.00
2019 Wateree Open Point Fund$1,500.00
**2018 Point Winners Free Entry
2019 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2020
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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