Dustin Hopkins and Matt Melton win the final stop of the USA BASSIN King of Claytor Trail with 5 fish weighing 8.55lbs.
Chris and Ben Eads win the USA BASSIN King of Claytor Trail for the 2019 Season

U.S.A. BASSIN – National Tournament Trail
Official Division Tournament Results
Division: VA-02 King of Claytor Lake Division
Date: 06/02/2019 @ 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

PlaceTeamFishLive FishWeightBig FishPenaltyNet WeightPoints
1Hopkins / Melton558.552.870.008.55100
2Eads / Eads556.651.900.006.6599
3Jarrett Jr / Jarrett556.111.380.006.1198
4Jones / Chrisley555.942.240.005.9497
5Delph / Long335.893.580.005.8996
6Fields / Broyles555.491.420.005.4995
7Oldham / Ramsey445.422.430.005.4294
8Martin / Simmons Va-02224.362.840.004.3693
9Vance / Blankenship334.342.620.004.3492
10Ward / Ward Va-02111.
11Whitt / Comer110.790.790.000.7990


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