Ed Owens & Chris Jones Win CATT Waccamaw River, SC August 3, 2019


Tournament Results Waccamaw River, SC August 3, 2019 Ed Owens & Chris Jones Win With 16.80 lbs! Britt Brown & Dan Martin Win the Waccamaw River Points!

Next Waccamaw Summer CATT is the Summer Final August 17 at Bucksport! This has been a great Summer on the Waccamaw River! We have over 70 teams eligible to enter the Waccmaw River Final Aug 17th! If we can get them to show the total payback will be over $10,000.00! 

Chris Jones & Ed Owens took 1st Saturday with 5 bass weighing 16.80 lbs worth $900.00!

2nd Place went to Dan Martin & Britt Brown with 15.61 lbs and they also won the points! Dan & Britt will fish the Final Free and blast off #1!

3rd went to River & Timmy Squires with 13.53 lbs and they weighed the BF at 5.06 lbs!

Kevin Alford & Gary Pope claimed 4th with 13.42 lbs!

Adam Lewis & Zach Johnson brought in the 2nd BF at 5.34 lbs! 

21 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Ed Owens & Chris Jones5.0916.80$900.00110
Britt Brown & Dan Martin4.0915.61$300.00109
Timmy & River Squirers5.6013.53$297.00108
Gary Pope & Kevin Alford4.1413.42$100.00107
Adam Lewis & Zach Johnson5.3412.48$63.00106
Josh Medlin & Ryan Thompson3.4812.22105
Kaleb Gerald & Wesely Williamson3.1511.03104
Robby Byrum & Sammie Patterson3.4910.96103
Wayne Marlow & Patrick Cook3.8910.13102
Charles Fryer & Darren Williamson2.869.21101
Jacob Barfield0.009.00100
Danny $ Kaleb McLain2.518.9699
Zach Fryer & Malaya Erdmann0.007.8398
Andrew Vereen & Jordan Weaver0.007.5597
Kyle & Kristin Chestnut0.007.3696
Ashton & Daniel Culick0.007.3595
Tommy Collins & Avery Williams0.006.8994
Corey Singleton & Jesse Hopkins0.006.5093
Don McLaud0.000.0092
Jordan & Carlton Thompkins0.000.0092
Casey & Logan Warren0.000.0092
Total Entrys$1,680.00
BONUS $$400.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,660.00
Waccamaw River 2019 Summer Final Fund$330.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
2019 Waccamaw River Summer Final Fund Total$1,975.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$0.00


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