Tournament Results Wylie Feb 2, 2019 Smith & Breakfield Bank $1,465.00 with 15.64 lbs!

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The 1st 2019 Lake Wylie CATT Qualifier is a wrap with 34 teams entering! The Lake Wylie CATT Spring Trail is sponsored by Rusty Hooks Bait & Tackle located at 4070 Charlotte Hwy near Buster Boyd Bridge! Remember guy you can pre pay for the next Lake Wylie CATT Qualifier which is March 10 at Rusty Hooks Bait & Tackle!

Check them out on Facebook and go by and fill your needs to chase those Lake Wylie bass!

Eddie Smith & Jacob Breakfield weighed in 5 bass at 15.64 lbs and also brought in the 1st BF at 5.55 lbs taking 1st Place and $1,465.00! They also received a $100 Gift Certificate to Rusty Hooks Bait & Tackle!

2nd went to Josh Goode & Adam Filmore with 5 bass weighing 14.38 lbs!

3rd and 2nd BF went to Josh Queen & Michael Smith! 12.63 lbs!

Maurice Barnett & Robbie Rush claimed 4th with 12.62 lbs!

Alex & Will Dewey 5th with 12.05 lbs!

Chad Atchley & Tyler Bass 5th with 11.01 lbs!

34 TEAMSFishWeightWinningsPoints
Eddie Smith/Jacob Breakfield5.5515.64 $  1,465.00110
Adam Filmore/Josh Goode3.4414.38$400.00109
Josh Queen/Michael Smith4.0912.63$400.00108
Maurice Barnett/Robbie Rush3.6412.62$175.00107
Alex Dewey/Will Dewey3.2412.05$120.00106
Chad Atchley/Tyler Bess3.9611.01$100.00105
Brandon Grahm/Alex Palomba3.2010.74104
Glenn Sparrow/Chris Baumgardner2.8110.45103
Shawn Duncan/Timothy Boones3.0410.01102
Jay Adams /Tony C2.659.86101
Jeff Raby/Brent Davis3.569.69100
David Winters/Mike Buschue2.289.3299
Chris Dover/Robert Fowler2.448.4398
Randy and Daniel Coleman3.096.4497
David Calbert/Bill Carothers2.355.1996
Ben Lattimore/Danny Bullmon2.795.0895
Ron Weisburg/Christian Beaumont2.834.4593
Michael Yochem/Noah Zahran2.424.2794
John Campbell/Rob D2.583.8992
Scot Waldrop/Hunter Waldrop2.412.4191
Terry Carteret0.002.2490
Joe Hansil/Jason Humphries0.000.0089
Todd Farris/ Brent Kukowski0.000.0089
Donald Black/Chris Cook0.000.0089
Thomas Ledford/Jason Ledford0.000.0089
Thomas Richmond0.000.0089
Kevin Newman/Mike Holland0.000.0089
Scott Williams/Robbie English2.710.0089
Travis Robins/Greg Clayton0.000.0089
Tim Chapman0.000.0089
Jesse Smith/Patrick Hope0.000.0089
Scott McGinnis/Caleb Propst0.000.0089
John George/Jason Quinn0.000.0089
Jay Adams Jr/Kaylen Massy0.000.0089
Total Entrys$2,720.00
BONUS $$525.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,660.00
Wylie 2019 Spring Final Fund$505.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Wylie Spring Final Fund Total$505.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$2,605.00


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