We have a great Spring on the Cooper River! Once the Spring Final was wrapped up we the CATT Cooper River Spring Trail had paid back $13,390.00! Big shout out to Ferris Jennings for putting on the show!

Edward Punchak – Michael Dibelo weighed in a limit at 14.71 lbs and also brought the BF of the Final to the scales at 7.02 lbs! They took home $2,325.00!

Johnny Brinson claimed 2nd Place with another limit weighing 14.45 lbs!

Bob Letizi &Derrick Nixon  finished 3rd with 13.76 lbs!

Cody Wilson & James Skelton took 4th with 12.91 lbs!

Andy Rutledge took the last money spot with 12.78 lbs!

Matt & Andrew Baker were our Cooper River Spring Point Winners!

Thanks for fishing!

Edward Punchak – Michael Dibelo7.0214.71$2,325.00
Johnny Brinson4.3514.45$1,075.00
Derrick Nixon Bob Letizi0.0013.76$500.00
Cody Wilson James Skelton0.0012.91$200.00
Andy Rutledge0.0012.78$150.00
James Fender Kyle Welch0.0012.17
Tyler Peters Jeff Shelton0.0011.14
Travis Gatlin Grant Powell0.0011.10
Matt Baker Andrew Baker0.0010.61
Brian Surowiec Walt Cumbie0.0010.08
Corey Casey Danny Snider0.009.95
Clay Kolb Jeffrey Peralta0.009.50
Dale Hanna Shawn Hanna0.008.92
Jonathan Brindle Justin Harvey0.008.58
Jonathan Singletary Jonathan Singletary0.008.29
John Campbell Grace Campbell0.008.23
Dave McConnell Dylan Mcconnell0.000.00
James Roy Jr Robison William Gregory0.000.00
Bubba Dennis0.000.00
Shawn Logan Benton0.000.00
Winkey Watford0.000.00
Will Thompson0.000.00
John Ford John Ford0.000.00
Bucky Clarke Tim Hilton0.000.00
Jimmy Mccants0.000.00
Gabriel Hornet Pearson0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,000.00
BONUS $$550.00
Cooper River Spring Final Fund$640.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,250.00
Grand Total Paid Spring 2021 Cooper River$13,390.00