Eric Johnson and Nathan Sullivan Win CATT Lake Anna, VA Spring Final June 13, 2021


Thanks for fishing with us! We had a great Spring on Lake Anna! We paid back over $17,000.00!

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2021 Lake Anna Spring Final Results
1st Place – Eric Johnson and Nathan Sullivan with 19.72lbs worth $2000 and $450 for side pot. Total earnings $2450.00!
2nd Place – Larry Wollershiem and Preston Cox with 19.53lbs worth $1000 and $500 for highest placing finisher by fishing 3 of 4 qualifiers. Total earnings $1500
3rd Place – Wil Vickery and Dee Kidd with 19.16lbs worth $600 and $78 for 2nd BF @ 5.89lbs. Total earnings $678
4th Place – Wilson Bradley and Tyson Mastin with 18.39lbs worth $300
5th Place – Clay Gatewood and Jeff Parish with 16.56lbs worth $150
1st Big Fish – David Lakeman and Tyrone Guyse @ 6.37lbs worth $182
Congrats to all who placed!
Thanks to Chris @ Sturgeon Creek for allowing us to use their facilities. Chris also donated 2 yearly ramp passes which was also given away in the free Raffle.
Thanks to all who supported this trail on Lake Anna! I will try to put something together for this Fall. Wil
Nathan Sullivan – Eric Johnson0.0019.72$2,450.00
Larry Wollersheim – Preston Cox5.4219.53$1,500.00
Wil Vickery – Dee Kidd5.8319.16$678.00
Wilson Bradley – Tyson Mastin5.2018.39$300.00
Clay Gatewood – Jeff Parish4.7616.56$150.00
Trey Perrin – Dean Perrin4.3815.73
Matt Martin – Travis Lugar0.0015.03
David Lakeman – Tyrone Guyse6.3714.82$182.00
Victor Dillard – Matt Conners0.0014.78
Wayne Dorman – Glenn Vico5.6514.70
Jonathan Mullins – Josh Mullins0.0014.39
Tim Garner – Martin Villa0.0013.94
Bill Powers – Brad Baber5.2313.86
Jack Iden – Hunter Iden0.0012.04
John James – Mike Perkins0.0011.91
Mike Hurdle – Cindy Hurdle4.5711.63
John Doyle – Nate Keller0.0011.26
Ken Presely – Keith Lupo0.0010.76
Jeremy Shifflet – Costas Melendez0.009.03
Brain Green – Christian Armstrong0.008.26
Eric Kuntz0.008.23
Chris Jones – Tom Toews0.000.00
James Bailey – Jeff Bailey0.000.00
Paul Watson – Melissa Watson0.000.00
Scott Conners – Troy Perry0.000.00
Larry Blanks0.000.00
David Collins – David Collins Jr.0.000.00
Total Paid Spring Lake Anna CATT$17,320.00


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