CATT 2017 Wateree Opens Schedule – North Carolina

    February 25 @ 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
    Clearwater Cove

    2017 Wateree Opens Schedule

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    A team only has to enter 6 Opens to be eligible to enter the Wateree Open Final.

    Any team who enters 10 Wateree Opens will fish the Wateree Open Free

    Qualifier Entry Fee $90 per Team

    Qualifier BONUS $ $25 Optional

    Open Final Entry Fee $130 per Team

    Open Final BONUS Fee $50 Optional – Will Be Paid up to 3 Places at Final

    Point winners fish the 2018 Wateree Open free. 2nd in Points $250 3rd in Points $150 4th in Points $100

    A portion is held back and goes into the Wateree Open Final November 25.

    A team can use a sub at any Wateree Open

    You can fish the Wateree Open Final with your partner or a sub that was used.

    Final Big Fish winner also receives a Lews Bait Cast Reel Clearwater Cove Marina. Lake Wateree

    (Some Opens are the same day as CATT events. A team can fish both.)

    Wateree Opens
    Open# 1February 25Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 2March 11Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 3March 25Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 4April 8Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 5April 29Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 6May 27Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 7June 10Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 8June 24Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 9July 8Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 10July 22Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 11July 29Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 12August 12Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 13August 19Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 14August 26Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 15September 9Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 16September 23Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 17October 14Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 18October 28Clearwater CoveResults
    Open# 19November 11Clearwater CoveResults
    FinalNovember 25Clearwater CoveResults


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