Frank Poirier & Brian Durham Win Catt James River Aug 29, 2020


2020 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2021 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100
CATT GOLD – $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Final – $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional Sidepot – $50
James River Membership – $35 Per Person

Frank Poirier & Brian Durham earn 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 18.01 lbs!

Frank Poirier- Brian Durham0.0018.01$1,300.00110
Marshall Johnson- Ryan Lachniet*5.3415.82$620.00109
David Bibien- Clay Lewis0.0015.47$250.00108
Brian Brooks- Avery Powelson*0.0015.40$180.00107
Edward Milton- Thomas Milton4.1214.27106
Chris Cockrell- Brian Snipes*4.7414.13105
Tyler Colgin- Daniel Colgin*4.6313.79104
Christopher Wingfield- Benny Wingfield*4.2313.76103
Chace Huffman- Harrison Baker5.7613.70$160.00102
Stacy Vassar- Steve Webb*4.2113.16101
Casey Logan- Keaton Dalton0.0013.02100
Wayne Andrews- Andy Semocno4.2912.4599
Bo Bolts- Mickey  Anderson0.0011.8098
Jeffrey Banko- Erik Williamson*0.0011.7397
Roger Walters- David Fox*0.0011.4496
Jeffrey Valentin- Daryl Moody*0.009.9495
Todd Fisher- Brett Stewart4.029.3794
Avery Neely*0.009.3793
Alex king- Jo bullock0.009.0292
Dave Carney- Andy Bollhorst*0.008.9091
James Tilley- Andy Walker0.007.4390
Trey Goodman- Tim Chaffin*0.000.0089
Brandon Hill- Kevin King0.000.0089
Bk Kelley- Bennett Owen0.000.0089
Rc Sutton- Tanner Diacont0.000.0089
Total Paid At Ramp$2,880.00
James River 2020 Final Fund$450.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
2020 James River Final Fund Total$1,715.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,540.00


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