Next James River Fall Qualifier is on the Pamunkey River launching from Williams Landing!

We have over 40 Teams eligible to enter the Final. If you want in this is your last chance to qualify!

James River Fall Membership – $35 Per Person

Reg CATT – $80 Entry $90 at Ramp
Final – $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional $25 Side Pot
Enter 1 James River Fall Qualifier and you’re eligible to enter the James River Fall Final

Frank & Warren Poirier take 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 17.37 lbs!

Jake & Jesse Kidd claimed 2nd with 14.73 lbs and weighed in the BF at 6.39 lbs!

Jared Williams & Chaz Carrington finished 3rd with 14.18 lbs!

Frank Poirier, Warren Poirier4.4117.37$550.00110
Jake & Jesse Kidd6.3914.73$512.00109
Jared Williams, Chaz Carrington5.4414.18$210.00108
Brian Brooks, Avery Powelson0.0013.07$110.00107
Les Forrest, Steve Webb0.0012.81$100.00106
Daid Barlow, Kelly Robinette0.0012.61105
Charles & Earnest Reamer5.5811.03$78.00104
Jeff Valentin, Darryl Moody0.0010.91103
Clide Baldwin, Chuck Schultz0.0010.83102
Craig Cheek, Billy Allen0.0010.25101
Dave Carney, John Dunn0.008.79100
Austin Burton, Kenzie Barlow0.008.6299
Joey Cooke, Justin Hall0.007.2698
Bobby Harris, Frank Pridemore0.006.2597
Mike Barlow, Brandon Ridout4.075.2796
James Tilley, Andy Walker0.004.7195
Kevin Davis, Trevor Davis0.002.7094
Neil Jernigan, John Yates0.001.9693
Roger & Renee Walters0.000.0083
Bill Turner, Don Warren0.000.0083
Nathan Kilgore, Chaz Carrington0.000.0083
Russell Headley, Bert Smith0.000.0083
Jay Griffin, Charlie Kline0.000.0083
Walter Hill, Mile Williams0.000.0083
Ray Hogge, Donnie Daniel0.000.0083
Todd Fisher, RJ Walter0.000.0083
Total Entrys$2,080.00
BONUS $$0.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,560.00
James River 2021 Fall Final Fund$420.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 James River Fall Final Fund Total$710.00


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