Next Tidewater  CATT is on the Chowan River July 19 launching from Shoups Landing!

We’re picking up steam on the Tidewater Division with 27 teams entering the Qualifier on the Perquimans River June 28th! As you can see the purse will increase so get your fishing buddies to come join us at the Chowan River July 19th!

The CATT Championship is Nov 7-8, 2020! 1st Place is a minimum of $10,000! We paid back $25,000 to 1st Place last year with a field a tad shy of 190 boats! Click on the link for more info!

To view the Tidewater Points go to the Tidewater Division Page and scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see the Tidewater Points! Tidewater Point winner fish the Final free and will be boat #1 at the Tidewater Final! 1st Place at the Tidewater Final takes home $2,500.00!

Gary Debrito & Derek Goodman are our big winners from the Perquimans River! They weighed in 5 bass at 19.55 lbs and took home $1,675.00!

2nd Place went to David Gardner & Tom Foster with 17.29 lbs!

Mike & JP Scott with their 4th place bag! 

27 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Gary Debrito/ Derek Goodman5.4019.55$1,675.00110
Tom Foster/ David Gardner5.9517.29$600.00109
Mike Chloumoudis/ JA Williford0.0015.79$300.00108
Mike Scott/ JP Scott4.8915.75$200.00107
Mark Moretz/ Ray Cobb5.4215.72$150.00106
Jeff Peterson/ Bobby Clarke6.6115.29$81.00105
Chris Turner/ Kenneth Moore4.8014.45104
Jamie Phelps/JR Mulligan0.0014.05103
Keith Jennings/ Jerry Murray6.7814.01$189.00102
Jason Law/ Terry Lovell0.0013.67101
Mike Evans/ Heath Parker0.0013.23100
Jeff Hayden/ Benny Cannon4.5912.7399
Ronnie Ketchum/ Benny Hendricks0.0012.4398
Charlie Reed/ Tom Houlroyd0.0012.3597
Ricky Mize/ Chris Mize4.1211.8396
Mike Knapp/ Ben Knapp0.0011.3995
Brandon Overton/Johnny Jones0.00
Greg Dick/ Jim Dick0.009.6593
Mark London/ Matt Jennings0.009.4292
David Shaffer/ Scott Shaffer0.008.2491
Steve Brickhouse/ James Williams6.328.2090
Matt Greshak/ Dustin Alley0.004.2589
Scott Rock/ Cliff Hoggard0.000.0088
Brad Hiddinbotham/ Chad Outlaw0.000.0088
Joe Glazebrook/ Chris Carmel0.000.0088
Ken Kipler/ Shawn Dunlap0.000.0088
Josh Powell/ Eric Rountree0.000.0088
Total Entrys$3,240.00
BONUS $$450.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,195.00
2019 Tidewater Final Fund$370.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2019 Tidewater Final Fund Total$1,030.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$3,975.00


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