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Gary Lee Wins CATT Savannah River July 13, 2019

Next Savannah River CATT is August 10th at Hardeeville! Come join us!

Gary Lee weighed in 5 bass at 13.17 lbs and took home $550.00!

2nd went to Richard Boatright & Michael Hurt with 12.92 lbs. They took home $660.00 with the BONUS $ added in!

3rd Place Clint Proudfoot & Cody Bryant 11.58 lbs!

Dan Martin & Monte Misplay 4th 11.17 lbs and 1st BF at 4.96 lbs!

2nd BF winners Troy Strickland & David Poe 4.74 lbs!

24 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Gary Lee0.0013.17$550.00110
Richard Boatright/Michael Hurt0.0012.92$660.00109
Clint Proudfoot/Cody Brant0.0011.58$200.00108
Dan Martin/Monte Misplay4.9611.17$288.00107
Wesley Mullins/Matt Cantrell0.0011.07106
Troy Strickland/David Poe4.7410.26$72.00105
Victor Belagorska/Landen Caldwell0.009.84104
Colton Tuten/Mel Long0.009.70103
Jerry Hood/Ann Hood0.009.04102
Tim Roundtree/Al Pittman0.008.72101
Brian Gunn/Matthew Gunn0.008.55100
Christopher Chavis/Nick Hager0.008.4999
Adam Wood/Paul Johnson0.008.2998
Anthony Joyner/Barry Conley0.008.1297
Barry Thames0.007.6196
Joe Toth/Kyle Suddath0.007.3395
Frank Ackerman/Mike Markovich0.006.9894
Chris Farrow/Norman Chapman0.006.9393
Bradley Resente/Bradley Resente0.005.9292
Michael Powell0.005.0591
Patrick Findley/Corey Rewis0.004.9790
Tyler Wilson/Ryan Kent0.003.5789
Mac Sampey0.003.0188
Shawn Arnold/Chris Chance0.000.0087
Total Entrys$1,920.00
BONUS $$360.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,770.00
Savannah River 2019 Summer Final Fund$460.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Savannah River Summer Final Fund Total$750.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$1,765.00
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