Next up at Lake Murray is the Fall Final December 18 at Dreher Island. $2,500 1st Place! A team had to enter at least 3 CATT events this Fall on Murray. The Black Friday Open will count as one! If I left your team off let me know so I can get it corrected!

Joey Sabbagha – Dalton Dowdy
Jason Reis – Roger McKee
Will Allewine – Edgar Allewine
Jody Wright – Chris Marshall
Neil Huffstetler – Tim Huffstetler
Ronnie Mueller – Lane Mueller
Darryl Starkey – Garrett Starkey
Martin Spaulding – Ben Lee
Hampton Anderson – Tyson Alvanos
Johnny Mayer – Chris Epting
Joe Quinn – Jeremy Medlock
Jeremiah Jensen – Gage Spagnola
Jeremy Adams – Shawn Callahan
Josh Renebaum – Jake Wright
Robert Pierce – Jordan Drafts
Andy Lake – Phillip Anderson
Scott Farmer – CJ Freeman
Bobby Martin – Mike Turner
John Jefferson – Neal Chaffins
Eric Enlow – Hunter Enlow
Kevin Banks – Dylan Sills
Wayne Wilson – Rob Burris

Joey Sabbagha & Dalton Dowdy win the Murray Fall points and will fish the Final free and receive 2 Point Champ Plaques!

George Berry wins at Murray with 5 bass weighing 15.78 lbs and weighs the BF at 6.29 lbs! Good enough for $1,431.00!

Jody Wright & Chris Marshall 2nd with 15.27 lbs!

Joe Quinn & Jeremy Medlock 3rd with 15.18 lbs!

George Berry6.2915.78$1,431.00110
Jody Wright – Chris Marshall5.1015.27$425.00109
Joe Quinn – Jeremy Medlock4.0115.18$200.00108
Ronnie Mueller – Michael Royals4.2215.05107
Neil Huffstetler – Tim Huffstetler5.2313.98$54.00106
Will Alewine – Lucas Murphy3.2213.28105
Les Westberry – Dean Chapman4.2911.82104
Joey Sabbagha – Dalton Dowdy2.8110.51103
Bobby Martin – Terry Morris3.3610.01102
Johnny Mayer – Chris Epting0.009.70101
Jason Ries – Roger Mckee3.338.81100
Martin Spalding0.000.0090
Jeremy Adams – Triston Chavis0.000.0090
Tyson Alvanos0.000.0090
Wayne Wilson – Rob Burris0.000.0090
John Jefferson – Neal Chaffins0.000.0090
Jeremiah Jensen – Gage Spagnola0.000.0090
Kevin Banks – Dylon Sills0.000.0090
Total Entrys$2,160.00
BONUS $$$375.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,110.00
2021 Murray Fall Final Fund$305.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Murray Fall Final Fund$1,440.00