Next Kerr Fall CATT Qualifier is Oct 18 at Occoneechee!

Off to a great start 48 teams entered and we paid back over $4,700.00! The 2020 CATT Championship on Kerr si Nov 7-8! You only have to enter 2 CATT events to be eligible! GO to the Division page and and tap on Championships!

Gerald Beck and Rodney Sorrell win with 17.06 lbs! Great bag for the Fall!

48 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Gerald Beck/Rodney Sorrell5.0717.06$1,854.00110
Nathan Webber/Brandon Gray4.8116.61$1,050.00109
Jeff Ross/Clay Ross4.5915.97$640.00108
Doug Stalling/Seth Ellis5.1815.22$641.00107
Tommy Marrow/Dennis Reedy4.2113.60$175.00106
Dennie Gilbert/Charlie Reed3.2413.10$130.00105
Ryan Roller/Gary Calwell3.1212.57$120.00104
Tom Wilkerson/Tyler Purcell4.1912.50$115.00103
Tim Wilfong/Ray Griffin3.4212.32$90.00102
Chuck Morton/Mike Riggs3.8611.89101
Derrick Bowden/Matt Littles2.8411.35100
Eddie Glascock/Billy Dunn3.2911.2999
Mark Inman/Bryan Welch2.9311.1698
Jason Houchins/Danny Houchins2.9210.9797
William Hubbard/Jeff Newman0.0010.8396
Michael Garner/Billy Shelton2.7910.8195
Gary Creech/Chris McDuffe0.0010.6594
Donnie Avant/Randy Waterman3.0110.5693
Lonnie Whitfield/Phillip Smith0.0010.1092
Brian Young/Evan Young4.419.6091
Marty Williams/Jerry Bono0.009.5190
Mike Connelly/Jeff Taylor0.009.2289
Cavin Young/Rob Wells4.438.8288
Tim Thurman/Chad Baldwin0.008.3287
Clay Ansley/Ken McNeil0.007.6786
Phillip Dunn/Evan Fleming0.006.7285
Mike Mcillan/Brice McMillan0.006.4284
Brandon Slaughter/Brandon Curtis0.004.0083
Howard Midkiff/David Herndon0.000.0082
Dillon Thornton/Jerry Bragg0.000.0082
Mark Winn/Mike Nichols0.000.0082
Scott Moser/Chase Moser0.000.0082
Andrew Kerns/Gary Williams0.000.0082
Derrick Currin/David Langley0.000.0082
Joey Dawson/Kevin Dawson0.000.0082
Ernest Howell Jr./Randy Taylor0.000.0082
James Byrd0.000.0082
Robert Cook/Anthony Yarbourg0.000.0082
Don Warren/Jack Gorton0.000.0082
Terry Easter/Dave Farrington0.000.0082
Mike Eggers/Rich Olsen0.000.0082
Ben Dalton/Dean Dalton0.000.0082
Collin Bennett/Blake Gillispie0.000.0082
Hal Blackweilder/Cliff Swan0.000.0082
L. Blanks/James Graves0.000.0082
Tyler Calloway/Trevor Powell0.000.0082
Jay Folgman/Jeff Clifton0.000.0082
Thomas Jarrold0.000.0082
Total Entrys$3,840.00
BONUS $$1,500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,765.00
Kerr 2020 FALL Final Fund$455.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2020 Kerr FALL Final Fund Total$455.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$4,800.00


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