Next James River CATT is July 30th launching from RT 5!

You can view the James River CATT Points Standings by going to the James River Division page and scrolling down!

2022 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2023 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100

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Greg Cooper & Clay Lewis take the top spot at the James River with 5 bass weighing 21.01 lbs! They weighed the 2nd BF also and took home a total of $2,148.00!

Greg Cooper- Clay Lewis6.5021.01$2,148.00110
Ray Hogge- Donnie Daniels6.3820.46$1,005.00109
Ryan Powroznik- Wayne Vaughn4.6418.65$550.00108
Tripp Mistr – Brent Mistr7.4818.05$747.00107
Luke Carson – Darrin Zollar5.3117.73$315.00106
Justin Faison – Brian Bersick5.0617.44$235.00105
Jeff Hamilton -Jason Bishop4.9817.16$185.00104
Stacey Vassar5.2117.06$145.00103
Chris Wingfield – Benny Wingfield0.0017.04$125.00102
Paul Martin – Francis Martin0.0016.29101
Luke Nickert – Jared Bass5.6116.19100
Brian Brooks -Donnie Meade5.5216.0999
Howard Austin – Mark Austin0.0015.9198
Jared Sutton- Nick Passalacqua0.0015.8797
Jake Kidd -Jesse Kidd0.0015.1696
Jeff Banko – Adam Weaver0.0014.6195
Mike Martinez- William Allen0.0014.5694
Roger Walters – Renee Walters0.0014.4393
Jeff Valetine – Daryl Moody4.3813.5292
Mickey Anderson- Bo Boltz0.0013.4191
Chase Huffman- Harrison Baker0.0013.3290
Chris Mcdaniel – MatthewKite0.0013.3189
Mike Hinkley- Keeny Fidler0.0013.0388
Trey Goodman – Tim Chaffin0.0012.8387
James Condrey – Jimmy Condrey0.0012.4986
Richard Mistr – Grant Mistr4.1812.2085
Don Warren – Chuck Comer0.0012.1984
Ryan Drewery – Wayne Drewery0.0011.8583
Curtis Combs – CJ Combs0.0011.7382
Luke Elliston- Ferrin Painter0.0011.4081
Robert Sutton – Mark Adams0.0011.2480
Rusty Alley – Dan Robinson3.7110.8879
Jeff Ludlow- Paul Morris0.0010.5078
Joey Deluke- Chris Deluke0.0010.4677
Joey Cook – Justin Hall0.009.8976
Bryan Keene- Evan Anderson0.009.0775
William Woodel – Walter Woodel0.008.4374
Brian Snipes – Chris Cockrell0.007.8973
Dave Carney – Andy Bollhurst0.006.6772
Kevin Davis – Melissa Davis0.006.1971
James Byrd0.006.0470
Les Forest – Sonya Forrest0.005.2869
Harvey Reese – Anthony Weithers0.000.0059
Cory Dunnavant – Kennon Ball0.000.0059
Wayne Tyler – Ed Jordan0.000.0059
Ben Knapp – Scott Shaffer0.000.0059
Josh Durham – Zach Durham0.000.0059
Total Entrys$5,520.00
BONUS $$450.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,455.00
2022 James River Spring Final Fund$415.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 James River Spring Final Fund Total$1,830.00