Here’s your results from the CATT East Final on the Roanoke. We had some great turn outs! Thanks for the support!

Congratulations to Steve Vann and Skippy Lewis/Dean Thompson on winning the points championship.

Congratulations to Houston Cash and Chase Davis for winning the final with 23.83 lbs. They also had 2nd big fish 6.96 lbs. $2000 plus $434 side pot and $100 for 2nd big fish for a grand total of $2534.00!

Congratulations 2nd Danny Flynn and Brad Elks. 19.50 lbs. $1500 plus $186 side pot for a grand total of $1686.00!
Congratulations 3rd Travis Mewborn and Matt Mewborn 19.42 lbs $1000.00!
Congratulations 4th Dean Jones Levi Jones 18.64 lbs. $500.
Congratulations 5th Donald Luther and Mike Kannon. 18.60 lbs. $300
Congratulations 6th David Swain and Brad Hauser 17.70 lbs. $200
Congratulations 7th Chris Turner and Quinton Chappell. 17.53 lbs. $150.
Congratulations Big Fish goes to Michael Edwards and Brent Edwards. 9.15 lbs $250.

We start back up with our fall trail on August 27 on the Roanoke in Plymouth. Hope to see you all there!

Houston Cash – Chase Davis6.9623.83$2,534.00
Danny Flynn – Brad Elks6.4419.50$1,686.00
Travis Newborn – Matt Newborn5.6419.42$1,000.00
Dean Jones – Levi Jones0.0018.64$500.00
Donald Luther – Mike Kannan6.4018.60$300.00
David Swain – Brad Hauser0.0017.70$200.00
Chris Turner – Quintin Chappell0.0017.53$150.00
Michael Edwards – Brent Edwards9.1517.03$250.00
Ricky Mize0.0016.68
Larry Thomas – Will James0.0015.88
Kevin Jones – Tyler Jones0.0015.15
Rip Bass6.3314.84
James Lancaster – Jesse James5.2714.46
Steve Vann – Skippy Lewis0.0013.57
Wyatt Long – Grayson Reel0.0013.26
Thomas Craft -Shane Craft0.0013.02
Matthew Oakley – Bryant Oakley6.2412.89
Wayne Stallings4.8512.32
Mike White0.0012.27
Jamie Lancaster – Jesse Lancaster0.0011.48
Darryl Peele0.0011.27
Charles Weathersby6.7811.10
Jason Smith – Jacob Smith0.0010.56
Tracey King – David Price0.009.84
Brandon Johnson – Wilson Johnson2.756.35
Chris McDuffie – Greg Creech0.000.00
Stacy Hobson – Brandon Pierce0.000.00
Stacey Light – Mike Askew0.000.00
Chris Dowtin0.000.00
Gerald Herring – Jeff Hall0.000.00
Zeb West – Harold Herring0.000.00
Matt Harrell – Justin Chappell0.000.00
Mike Ellis – Mark Faircloth0.000.00
Michael James – Luke James0.000.00
Sammy Barrow – Spencer Barrow0.000.00
Joe Sholar – Dwight Sholar0.000.00
Russell Gammon – John Lane0.000.00
Grand Total Paid
2022 East CATT Trail$14,387.00