In the world of bass fishing, few tools are as helpful as that of a quality sonar unit. This is a fact that most anglers know all too well. In a bid to satisfy this increasing demand for quality sonar equipment, the industry’s top three manufacturers (Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance) continue to innovate, hoping to capture a significant chunk of the market.

In 2018, Garmin made waves with the release of its critically acclaimed Panoptix LiveScope sonar system. Upon its release, LiveScope revolutionized the competitive bass fishing scene, providing anglers with instantaneous insight regarding that which resided beneath the water’s surface. Suddenly, Garmin found itself atop the sonar industry, as other manufacturers raced to keep up.

Not to be pushed aside, Humminbird soldiered on, producing its own immensely popular lineup of 360-series fishfinders. Sonar units of this make provided an unparalleled scope of coverage, to which many anglers were partial. However, even Humminbirds’s MEGA 360 was unable to replicate the “live” feedback capabilities of Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope. That is, until now.

Earlier this month, Humminbird unveiled its all-new MEGA-Live Imaging. This technology combines the scope of detection and outright clarity of the company’s prior MEGA imaging, with true live feed capabilities. To say the least, Humminbird looks to be giving anglers exactly what they asked for.

Perhaps most intriguing, is the fact that Humminbird’s MEGA Live Imaging features three separate display modes (Down Mode, Forward Mode, and Landscape Mode), all of which provide live feedback.

The news of this release further complicates the current back and forth between the sonar industry’s biggest players. Hummingbird has now staked their claim to a particular sector of this market, which was once solely occupied by Garmin. Yet, the question remains. Will Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging be as immensely popular as Garmin’s Livescope? At the moment, it appears that only time will tell.


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