Hunter Dickerson & Mark Curry Win CATT Waccamaw River, SC July 17, 2021


2021 Waccamaw River Phantom Outdoors Invitational is coming up July 24th at Bucksport! $5,000 1st Place with a minimum of 50 teams entered! You will need to be a CATT member to be able to enter the Waccamaw Phantom Outdoors Invitational! You may pay the membership the morning of at the ramp if you have not entered a Waccamaw River Summer CATT! Tap on the link for more info!

Next Waccamaw River Summer CATT is the Summer Final August 14 at Bucksport!

Steve & Jacob Martin win the Waccamaw River Summer Points and will fish the Final Free!

Hunter Dickerson & Mark Curry weighed in 5 bass at 18.55 lbs taking 1st Place and $1,773.00!

Kevin Edge & Carluss King finisihed 2nd with 17.02 lbs and took home $450.00!

Steve & Jacob Martin 3rd with 16.03 lbs!

Danny Allen with the 1st Lews BF at 6.03 lbs!

Tommy & Thomas Collins with some good ones!

Andrew Vereen & Ron Cannon with their sack!

Hunter Dickerson & Mark Curry5.8418.55$1,773.00110
Kevin Edge & Carluss King4.4417.02$450.00109
Steve & Jacob Martin4.9716.03$325.00108
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope4.2715.44$200.00107
Mike Gerald & Jesse Norris3.8315.36$140.00106
Danny Allen & Reid McDowell6.0315.35$110.00105
Danny Martin & Britt Brown3.5014.92$100.00104
Andrew Vereen & Ron Cannon3.9614.77$90.00103
Carlton Thompkins & Joel Barfield3.6714.05102
Danny & Kaleb McLain3.4013.50101
Scott & Andrew Mcllean5.2113.23100
Winston martin3.1813.2399
Nick Gant & Patrick Cook0.0013.2398
Tommy & Thomas Collins3.6913.1897
Cody & River Squirers3.8712.4896
Timmy Squirers & Noah Jones3.1512.4895
Chris Jones & Ed Owens0.0012.1394
Corey Singleton & Jesse Hopkins2.5511.9993
Jacob Barfield & Nicolas Nobels4.2311.7892
Jordan cook & Justin williams2.8511.5291
Brian Howard & Wade Cook2.6711.4090
Eric Lilly & TJ Hardee0.0011.3589
Kevin Brazen & Eric Freeman2.7910.7988
Chad Williams & Rodney Hardee0.0010.2287
Timmy Anderson & Ross Brazier2.859.6786
Wesley & Ronnie Williamson0.009.6285
Eric Cox & Robbie Byrum0.009.4184
Wesley Howell & Johnny Johnson0.009.2083
Robbie Evertt & Andrew Young2.628.5082
Rickey Wood & Lukas Little2.058.4881
Chris Alston1.777.1380
Jamon Carroll & Freddy Mincey0.006.1379
Charles Fryer & Danny Rabon0.000.0059
Darren Cook & Peter Horne0.000.0059
Lince Cook & Benny Carter0.000.0059
Ron & Sonya Terwilliger0.000.0059
John Proctor – Avery Williams0.000.0059
Timmy Williamson & James Walters0.000.0059
Josh Medlin & Dalton Warren0.000.0059
Will Jones & Kent Brown0.000.0059
JD Farrand & Jess White0.000.0059
Total Entrys$3,280.00
BONUS $$475.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,190.00
Waccamaw River 2021 Summer Final Fund$455.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Waccamaw River Final Fund Total$1,370.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$0.00


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