Ivan & Janet Morris Win CATT Lake Gaston, NC/VA June 30, 2019 with 20.51 lbs


Next Lake Gaston CATT is August 3rd at Summitt Landing! Remember guys any CATT event you enter after June 1, 2019 goes toward your 2020 CATT Championship Qualification!

Ivan & Janet Morris claimed the top prize with a 5 bass limit weighing 20.51 lbs! They took home $1,725.00!

Michael Chlomoudis & Marty Warren claimed 2nd with 14.97 lbs and took home $780.00!

3rd went to Ryan & Carter Harrell with 14.72 lbs! 

Randy Groves & Chuck Murray finished 4th with 14.23 lbs!

Gregory Kropp with the 2nd BF 5.44 lbs!

26 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Ivan & Janet Morris5.4920.51$1,725.00110
Michael Chlomoudis- Marty Warren3.2714.97$780.00109
Ryan Harrell & Carter Harrell3.9114.72$440.00108
Chuck Murray- Randy Groves3.4314.23$200.00107
Eric Schell- Todd Smith3.3214.06$125.00106
Wesley Bennet Chris Bishop0.0011.75105
Jt Palmore- Bobby Crisman3.7511.67104
Lee Gay- John Jackson0.0011.23103
Scott Golden – Jessie Medlin3.9011.18102
Mikey Anderson – Randy Black0.0010.43101
Shawn Evans- William Cross0.009.46100
Shane Doughtie- Evan White2.868.9199
Gregory Kropp- Dave Fowler5.448.91$75.0098
Adam Richardson-Gene(Bentley sub)0.008.2997
Bubba Haywood- David Frye0.007.4396
David Enos- Carl Enos0.006.6595
Greg Creech- Chris McDuffie0.005.9894
Kent Pearson- Cris Wells0.005.5593
Rich Hartman0.000.0092
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil0.000.0092
Robert Carter- Larry Whitt0.000.0092
Kevin Dickens- Justin Dalton0.000.0092
Bobby Peedin- TJ Myrick0.000.0092
Vincent Wells- Dustin Sturm0.000.0092
Matthew Little – Derrick Bowden0.000.0092
John Caldwell – Robert Thompson0.000.0092
Total Entrys$3,000.00
BONUS $$680.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,345.00
Gaston 2019 Final Fund$330.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Gaston Spring Final Fund Total$1,130.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$1,685.00


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