Next Wateree Open is July 18 at Clearwater Cove Marina!

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Jacob & Jeff Norris win with 15.68 lbs worth $1,145.00! They also are in the point lead! Great job guys!

2nd went to Tanner & Alan Fletcher with a limit weighing 13.92 lbs!

Erick Jeter & Chad Hastings claimed 3rd with 13.83 lbs!

David Ethridge & Max Price finished 4th with 13.63 lbs!

Mike Ware & Bryan Holmes too the last money paying spot with 13.60 lbs!

Chad Rabon & Walt Almond finished 1 place out of the money with 12.48 lbs!

25 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jeff + Jacob Norris3.8015.68$1,145.00110
Alan + Tanner Fletcher3.8913.92$380.00109
Chad Hastings + Erick Jeter3.2813.83$230.00108
Max Price + David Ethridge3.1913.63$170.00107
Bryan Holmes + Mike Ware3.7613.60$120.00106
Chad Rabon + Walt Almond2.6212.48105
Timmy Bowers + Brandon Bowers3.1812.37104
Paul Wells + Greg Sigmon3.3212.15103
Chad Gainey + Mack Kitchens3.4811.66102
Brad Petway + Jerry Freezon3.4111.52101
Pete Sherbert + Kevin Crane3.7011.35100
Steve Phillips4.0711.21$75.0099
Chad Sims4.3311.18$175.0098
Tim Haven + Craig Haven2.4610.8597
Wesley Bariveau + Randall Bariveau2.5510.5496
Barry Brown + Dylan Griggs3.6710.1595
Jody Jones3.869.2494
Cody Collins + Mike King3.299.0693
Fredrick Corn + Sam Patterson2.437.5992
Jay Adams3.237.5691
Garret Brown + Joey King2.637.2190
Greg Corvin + Scott Floyd2.524.4189
DJ Bullock + Parrish Deans1.061.0688
Trent McLaughlin + Jeff Reynolds0.000.0087
Walter Knotts + Walter Coker0.000.0087
2020 Wateree Open Final Fund$420.00
2020 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$1,235.00
2020 Wateree Open Point Fund$880.00
**2019 Point Winners Free Entry
2020 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2021
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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