The 2021 James River CATT schedule will be posted soon! We have a short Fall Trail schedule coming also! We wrapped up the 2020 season this past weekend with 37 teams battling it out for a shore of the $10,000.00 purse! Next year we hope we can return to some kind of normalcy and get back on track with boatloads of cash handed out on the James River!

We are kicking off the Phantom Outdoors Invitationals in SC, NC & VA! We have 1 planned for the James River! Date is coming! This event will not be part of qualifying for the 2021 CATT James River Final.

If you have entered 2 – 2020 James River events you are eligible to enter the 2020 CATT Academy Championship on Kerr Nov 7-8! $10,000 1st Place! For more info visit the Division page and tap on CATT Championship!

Jason Bishop & Jeff Hamilton won BIG this past weekend on the James River bringing in a 2-day total of  10 bass weighing up at 30.77 lbs! They also weighed in the 1st Lews BF at 6.82 lbs and received a Lews Baitcast Reel! All total they collected $5,499.00!

The 2020 James River CATT Final paid back over $10,000!

Use CATTPHANTOM15 at checkout and earn 15% off your order! Tap on the Phantom Cap to begin shopping!


37 TeamsBFDay 1BFDay2WeightWinnings
Jason Bishop- Jeff Hamilton4.3114.576.8216.2030.77$5,499.00
Brian Brooks- Avery Powelson4.8816.314.0513.6829.99$1,750.00
mickey anderson- bo bolts5.6615.954.8913.0328.98$910.00
Ray Hogge- Donnie Daniel0.0012.926.0615.4428.36$711.00
Ryan Drewery- Wayne Drewery0.0012.520.0015.8228.34$500.00
Frank Poirier- Brian Durham0.0011.490.0016.2627.75$300.00
Luke Carson- Darrin Zollar3.798.724.3318.6427.36$200.00
tommy little-jerry heffler0.0014.930.0012.2327.16
Chance Huffman- Harrison Baker0.0010.390.0014.6925.08$250.00
david bivens-clay lewis0.009.330.0015.0024.33
charles ramer0.0015.180.009.1124.29
Roger Walters- David Fox0.0012.630.0011.3523.98
alex king- joe bullock0.0011.400.0012.2623.66
Chris Bryant- Matt Dunnigan0.0012.940.0010.0723.01
Steve Webb- Stacey Vasser3.6411.240.0011.7322.97$150.00
Walter emerson- brody webb5.1012.770.008.9621.73
Trey Goodman- Tim Chaffin0.0012.860.008.7121.57
Curtis Combs- Cj combs0.0013.040.007.4620.50
Christopher Wingfield- Benny Wingfield0.009.280.0011.1220.40
Kelly Robinette- David Barlow0.009.620.0010.2519.87
Jeffrey Banko0.0011.870.007.8619.73
Wayne Andrews- Andy Semonco0.0011.620.007.9719.59
Brian Keane- Evan Anderson0.007.990.0011.5719.56
william clements- jimmy cornet0.007.100.0011.2718.37
Richard Bates- Scott Randall0.007.270.0010.6617.93
jay teasley-p jones0.008.430.007.3515.78
Marshall Johnson- Ryan Lachniet0.009.554.065.7315.28
Chris Cockrell- Brian Snipes0.005.573.939.2414.81
John Barnes0.006.950.006.3513.30
James Condrey- Jimmy Condrey0.007.790.004.9312.72
Dave Carney- Andy Bollhorst0.0011.740.000.0011.74$100.00
brandon hill- kevin king0.006.570.000.006.57
James Tilley- Andy Walker0.005.940.000.005.94
Audie Murphy- Monte Alman0.
avery nealy0.
clayton robens0.
jamie nealy- greg ball0.


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