Stay tuned guys! Lake Norman CATT Fall schedule coming tonight!

Jason Eaker & Mike Seawright take 1st place at the Lake Norman Open with a nice bag of Lake Norman bass! 14.87 lbs!

Mike Seawright – Jason Eaker3.7014.87$575.00
Jake Monti – Doug Monti4.3514.84$230.00
Scott Hamrick – Roger Hoover2.7211.99
Tracy Adams – Evan Adams3.4911.22
Steve Addington0.0011.01
Jason Wilson0.0011.00
Jody Wright – Jay Wright2.1910.82
Luke Clark0.0010.09
Mike Barber0.009.34
Aaron Jordan0.008.76
Matt Drake – Shane Wallace0.000.00
Matt Lewis0.000.00
Russel Hoyle0.000.00


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