The June 25th Qualifier has been moved to this coming Saturday June 19th!

Jason & Michael Bateman weighed in a limit at 12.83 lbs for the win and $960.00! They also weighed the BF at 5.75 lbs!

2nd Place went to Devin Black & Cory Vaughn with 12.04 lbs!

Jason Bateman – Michael Bateman5.7512.83$960.00110
Devin Black – Cory Vaughn4.0112.04$330.00109
Chase Mount0.0010.45108
Louis Rosborough – Louis Rosborough II0.006.19107
Andy Wessinger – Dylan Wessinger0.004.33106
Tony Slack – Brent Helms0.004.21105
Tony Exall0.004.19104
Chad Bradburn – Phillip Thompson0.000.0094
Lenwood Sweatman Jr – David Beane0.000.0094
Donald Black0.000.0094
David Anderson – Allen Story0.000.0094
Jay Tennebaum – Dakota Tennebaum0.000.0094
Jerry Freezon – Jeff Douglas0.000.0094
Monticello Final$320.00


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