Santee Cooper 2020 is a wrap! We had a shortened season but it was still a good one! Our heaviest bag at Santee Cooper in 2020 was 28.37 lbs! 2021 is just around the corner and the 2021 Santee Cooper Spring schedule is posted!

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Jason Morse fishing solo won the Santee Fall Final Saturday with 5 bass weighing 25.68 lbs! Add in the BONUS $ and Jason took home $2,200.00!

2nd Place went to Don Pendavis & Bobby Gibbs with another great bag weighing in at 25.21 lbs! They received a Lews Baitcast reel for weighing in the BF at 7.96 lbs!

Justin Cromer finished 3rd with 21.62 lbs!

4th went to Nelson Walker and Chris Brunson with 19.86 lbs!

Brian Scott & Brad Beatson weighed in  the 2nd BF at 7.25 lbs and took home $66.00 plus an Academy Gift Card!

Bucky DeBerry & William Thigpen win the Santee Cooper Fall Points!

Jason Morse6.3625.68$2,200.00
Don Pendarvis – Bobby Gibbs7.9625.21$1,154.00
Justin Cromer5.4521.62$500.00
Nelson Walker – Chris Brunson0.0019.86$150.00
Jason Smith – Mike Stone0.0019.83
Brain Scott – Brad Beatson7.2518.81$66.00
Freddie Gamble – LaTonya Blanding0.0017.28
Garrett Brown0.0017.16
Max Terry – Bugsy Terry0.0016.84
Patrick Cook0.0016.15
Robert Clarke0.0015.84
Trey Bryan – Chad Ardis0.0015.71
Freddie Gibbs – Joey Bramlett0.0012.31
Chad Crosby – Keith Britt0.008.61
Davy Goodman – Josh Brogden0.008.49
Steve Borton0.005.15
Sandy Montgomery0.000.00
Bucky DeBerry – William Thigpen0.000.00
Illya Smith – Frank Celestine0.000.00
Billy Willis – Glen Porter0.000.00
Jamie Partee0.000.00
James Gibbons0.000.00


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