5 Alive Team Trail Qualifier #4
Mayo Lake.   5/1/2021

We had our 4th Qualifier for the 2021 season on Saturday at Mayo Lake. Once again a cold front sits rite down on top of us for tournament day.🙄 The count is still going and as of rite now I’m 4 for 4 on the cold fronts. I sure know how to pick em.🤷‍♂️ We had 69 boats come out and battle it out on what was actually a stingy Mayo Lake. The fishing was tough but the Team of Jeff Brann  & Steven Bailey was able to put it all together and bring home the WIN. It was a well deserved win as they have had more 2nd place finishes than any other team that has fished the last 3 years with us. They brought in a 5 fish limit weighing 19.71 pounds.They also won Big Fish with a 5.87 pound fish. They took home everything you could win. Tournament ,TWT and Big Fish earning them a total of $2940.00. Coming in 2nd with another good bag was the Team of Craig Hall  & Bobby Carter. They brought in a 5 fish limit weighing 18.82 pounds earning them 2nd place and 2nd place TWT worth $1080.00.
Our Bobcats Bait and Tackle kids tournament  was won by Mr. Logan Revels. Earning him another $50.00 gift card to Bobcats. Mr. David Gentry has come in this year and sponsored our kids tournament also. Mr. Logan Revels also won the $30.00 bonus money from Mr. Gentry. 2nd place in the kids tournament was Ethan Larabee. He got the $20.00 bonus money donated by Mr Gentry. Our $ 50.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card giveaway was won by  non other than Mr Logan Revels. That young man had a good day! Our Daves Tournament Tackle giveaway was won by Daniel Mise . We want to give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners last Saturday. We also want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has come out and fished with us this year. Yall are a great group of guys and gal’s and we really enjoy having yall!

We have one more Qualifier left for the year and we will crown the 2021 Points Champions . It’s going to be a good one to watch. There are several teams in contention.

The 5th and final Qualifier is on 6/5/2021 at Kerr Lake, Occoneechee Ramp.
Thank y’all again and we will see y’all in June.

1st. Brann & Bailey-  19.71 – $ 2940.00
2nd. Hall & Carter-  18.82-  $ 1080.00
3rd. Moser & Beal-  17.73 – $ 800.00
4th. Morton & Riggs-  17.27-  $ 530.00
5th. Yeatts & Yeatts-  16.68 – $ 310.00
6th. Zeb Barnette –  16.39 –  $275.00
7th. Kevin Brown –  16.18-  $ 260.00
8th. Farman & Farman-  16.09 –  $175.00
9th. Sharpe & Sharpe – 15.85 –  $ 100.00

Big fish Brann & Bailey- 5.87 – $690.0



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