Next Lake Wateree Summer CATT is July 18 at Clearwater Cove Marina!

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Jeff & Jacob Norris have been on em lately and they continue to lay the smack down on some Wateree Largemouth! Jeff & Jacob brought in a 5 bass limit weighing 18.26 lbs out distancing 2nd place by almost 3 lbs! They took home $1,125.00!

2nd Place went to Chad Gainey & Mack Kitchens with a limit weighing 15.42 lbs!

Tony Price & Keith Porter finished 3rd with 14.64 lbs!

Mike King & Cody Collins 4th 13.49 lbs!

Paul Wells & Greg Sigmon took 5th with 13.26 lbs!

1st Academy BF went to Kevin & Jacob Compton weighing up at 4.24 lbs! They received $175.00 PLUS an Academy $25 Gift Card!

25 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jacob Norris – Jeff Norris4.1918.26$1,125.00110
Chad Gainey – Mack Kitchens3.7615.42$300.00109
Keith Porter – Tony Price4.2114.64$200.00108
Mike King – Cody Collins4.2113.49$110.00107
Paul Wells – Greg Sigmon3.8213.26$100.00106
Chad Rabon – Walt Almond3.2312.90105
Jess Williams – Jim Smoak3.4012.58104
Kevin Compton – Jacob Comptom4.2412.27$175.00103
John Paul George – Jason Quinn3.5111.81102
Butch Williams – Max Price3.0910.91101
Tim Haven – Tex Haven3.7110.85100
Gary Michaud4.2210.53$75.0099
Chad Sims – David Anderson2.6810.5298
Allen Fletcher – Tanner Fletcher2.9710.5297
Sam Hopkins – Gabe Hopkins2.6510.5296
Jeff Segee – Logan Segge3.863.8695
Bryan Holmes – Mike Ware0.000.0094
Jerry Freezon0.000.0094
Scott Floyd0.000.0094
Ray Dowey – Chanon Dowey0.000.0094
Dustin Compton – Jonathan Strickand0.000.0094
John Gardenhire0.000.0094
Brett Collins – Addi Collins0.000.0094
Steve Phillips0.000.0094
Andy Lake – Russ Padgett0.000.0094
Total Entrys$2,000.00
BONUS $$575.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,085.00
Wateree 2020 Summer Final Fund$390.00
2020 CATT Championships$50.00
2020 Wateree Summer Final Fund Total$810.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,025.00


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