Jeff & Jacob Norris Win Catt Lake Wateree, SC Open Feb 1, 2020


Next Lake Wateree Open is Feb 15th at Lake Wateree! As of new we probably will still be at Colonel Creek until March 1st!

Jeff & Jacob Norris win with 18.98 lbs!

2nd went to Jeffrey Furr  & Chad Gainey with 17.20 lbs!

3rd place was Steve Phillips & Jason Bateman with 12.99 lbs!

Craig Haven & Tim Haven 4th 12.92 lbs!

Alan & Tanner Fletcher 5th 12.74 lbs!

A lake Wateree nice un!

15 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Jacob Norris -Jeff Norris4.9618.98$923.00110
Chad Gainey – Jeffrey Furr4.6717.20$230.00109
Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips0.0012.99$100.00108
Craig Haven – Tim Haven3.3612.92107
Alan Fletcher – Tanner Fletcher **3.5012.74106
Jared Upchurch – Jason Byrd4.1910.91105
Barry Brown – Stevie Walker3.4010.31104
Garrett Brown – Joseph King2.6110.08103
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin3.379.48102
Sam Dowey – Tommy Moak0.009.28101
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson3.198.64100
Brad Petway – Brett Collins0.008.1399
Kevin Malone – Cameron Malone4.157.7398
Scott Williams – Robbie English0.004.2697
Jerry Freezon0.000.0096
2020 Wateree Open Final Fund
2020 Wateree Open Final Fund Total
2020 Wateree Open Point Fund
**2019 Point Winners Free Entry
2020 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2021
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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