Jeffrey Porter & Nathan Reeves Win Catt Kerr Lake, VA Sept 29, 2019


Tournament Results Kerr Lake, VA Sept 29, 2019 Jeffrey Porter & Nathan Reeves Bring in 17.97 lbs! Cash in on $1,825.00! Great Crowd! 43 Teams Entered!

Next Kerr FALL CATT is Oct 27 at Occoneechee State Park! Blast off is 7 am!

We are off to our best start ever in the Fall on Kerr Lake with 43 teams entering the 1st Kerr Lake Fall Qualifier! Come out and join us! We are working on the 2020 CATT Championship date and hope to have it wrapped up very soon!

Jeff Porter & Nathan Reeves claimed 1st Place at Kerr with 5 bass weighing 17.97 lbs! They took home a total of $1,825.00!

2nd went to Randy Black & Mickey Anderson with 5 bass weighing 15.49 lbs! They also weighed in the 2nd BF at 4.83 lbs! They earned $1,054.00!

Coming in 3rd were Adam &Bentley Richardson with a limit weighing up at 14.99 lbs!

Ryan Roller & Gary Colwell 4th with 14.24 lbs!

Rodney Sorrells & Gerald Beck took 5th with 13.53 lbs!

43 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jeff Porter – Nathan Reeves0.0017.97$1,825.00110
Randy Black- Mikey Anderson4.8315.49$1,054.00109
Adam Richardson- Bentley Richardson0.0014.99$480.00108
Ryan Roller- Gary Colwell0.0014.24$220.00107
Gerald Beck – Rodney Sorrells0.0013.53$145.00106
Clemont Dutroit- Houston Cash0.0013.50$110.00105
Tommy Hughes- Bobby Clark0.0013.48$100.00104
Tommy Marrow- Dennis Reedy0.0012.75$100.00103
Kenny Reynolds- Ryaen Reynolds0.0012.20102
Bryan Cottrell- Brandon Cottrell0.0012.19101
Jay Fogleman- Jeff Clifton0.0012.12100
Reggie Norfleet- Charlie Gunter0.0011.7099
Eddie Glasscock- Billy Dunn0.0011.3998
William Hubbard – Gary Dickerson(sub)0.0011.2897
Denny Gilbert- Charlie Reed0.0010.6596
Tyler Trent- Ricky Trent0.0010.1595
Kevin Dawson- Joey Dawson0.009.9994
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman0.009.8493
Marty Warren0.009.5992
Bryson Peed – Josh Fletcher0.009.4791
Phil Smith- Lonnie Whitfield0.009.0390
Gary Horsley – David Dehart0.008.9389
Trey Nichols- Jim Nichols0.008.9188
Manny Lenau0.008.7387
Charles Stewart- (sub) Ronald Harris0.008.7386
James Condrey- Erika Condrey(sub)0.008.4185
Jay Garrard- Mark Herndon5.478.05$301.0084
Kent Pearson – Jimmy Ferguson0.007.9983
Devon Bushey – Jake Osborne0.007.9382
Mike McMillian- Braden McMillian0.007.4081
Clay Ausely – Ken McNeil0.006.6480
David Avent- Pam Pellerin0.006.1379
Jeremy Kent – Brendan Kent0.005.4378
Mike Cole – Marty Wilson0.004.9577
Joe Smith- Raeford Faircloth0.004.2976
Matthew Little0.004.1875
Bryan Keane – Evan Anderson0.003.8374
Edward Townsend0.001.7573
Michael Garner – Billy Shelton0.000.0072
Monte Aleman- Kevin Aleman0.000.0072
Ricky Todd- Andy Liles0.000.0072
Chase Cooper- Eric Holland0.000.0072
Joey Talbott- Kristen McAaninch(Sub)0.000.0072
Total Entrys$3,440.00
BONUS $$1,500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,335.00
Kerr 2019 FALL Final Fund$520.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2019 Kerr FALL Final Fund Total$520.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund Total$735.00



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