We had 53 teams enter the Phantom Outdoors Invitational on the Waccamaw River launching from Bucksport Marina! We have set a tentative date for the 2023 July 29th at Bucksport! Come join us! Tap on the Phantom Caps below and use PHANTOMCATT15 at check out and earn 15% off your order!

Jeremy Hewitt & Bennett Lawshe weighed in 5 bass at 21.58 lbs taking the top spot at the Waccamaw River! They also weighed in the 1st Academy BF at 7.49 lbs! They earned $5,000.00 for 1st Place, $2,800.00 1st Place in all 3 BONUS spots, 1st Place BF was worth $350.00 and $5,000.00 from the Skeeter Real Money Program! Alos they received 2 – $100 Lews/Strike King Gift Cards & 2-$25 Academy Gift Cards! All total they left Bucksport Saturday with Cash & Prizes totaling up to $13,400.00!

Mark Curry & Bill Moore took 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 17.84 lbs & they climed the 2nd BF at 7 lbs even! They earned $2,000.00 for 2nd, $170 for the 2nd BF and $1,600.00 2nd Place BONUS $ in all 3 Bonus spots!

3rd Place Garrett Taylor & Jess White with 17.70 lbs! They earned $1,000.00 for 3rd and $650.00 for 3rd in the $100 & $50 Bonus categories!

Andrew Vereen & Ron Cannon 4th with 16.13 lbs worth $650.00!

We paid back 8 Places and 1st Team out of the money received 2-$50 Lews/Strike King Gift Cards!

Total Payback in Cash & Prizes – $20,820.00!

Jeremy Hewitt – Bennett Lawshe7.4921.58$13,400.00
Mark Curry – Bill Moore7.0017.84$3,770.00
Jess White – Garrett Taylor5.6017.70$1,650.00
Andrew Vereen – Ron Cannon4.4216.13$650.00
Caleb Cox – Mike Ard4.3114.65$500.00
Ron Poston – Jordan Cook4.2414.17$300.00
Will McQuirt – Travis Spivey5.5913.72$250.00
Nick Gant – Craig McFadden5.8013.31$200.00
Mark Johnson – David Thornell4.0913.16$100.00
Mathew Goheen – Yates Goheen3.5412.93
Avery Williams3.3912.92
Shawn Todd – Keaton Harrison3.5012.90
Alex Cribb – Roddy Cross4.1912.75
Timmy Squires – Casey Warren3.2112.37
Gary Pope – Brian Howard3.5712.27
Jason Farrend – Stephen Todd6.4212.17
Marion Humphrey – James Odom4.5612.06
Danny McLean – Caleb McLean3.0611.92
Charlie Johnson – Charles Fryer3.2711.89
Timmy Williamson – Wesley Williamson0.0011.84
John Proctor – Johnny Duarte4.6111.41
Dylan McConnell – Trey Cribb3.1011.38
Stuart Ricks – Heith Hatchel3.1111.37
Houston Spivey – Jordan Manning2.5210.91
Charles Proctor2.8910.67
Ron Terwilliger – Kevin Owens4.3910.42
Shawn Benton – Logan Benton0.009.92
Scott McLellan – Greg Benton0.009.25
Danny Allen – Adam Lewis3.389.24
Scott Spittle – Brandon Spittle0.008.82
Thomas Collins – Tommy Collins2.127.06
Shane Thomas – Jerry Robinson0.005.58
Trent Williams – Brett Norris0.004.88
Scotty Mixon – Daphine Mixon0.000.00
Ryan Thompson – Dalton Warren0.000.00
Chris Jones –  Ed Owens0.000.00
Terry Goheen – Keith Gurganus0.000.00
Rod Wren – Simie Wrenn0.000.00
Robbie Byrum – Eric Cox0.000.00
DJ Hucks – Gunner Hucker0.000.00
Andrew Young0.000.00
John Eagen – Amanda Eagen0.000.00
Jesse Harrold – Keith Harrold0.000.00
Steve Thomas – Josh Henderson0.000.00
William Baxley – Ray Marlow0.000.00
Mike Phipps – Bill Lawshe0.000.00
Chad Williams – Jamie Cook0.000.00
Britt Brown – Danny Martin0.000.00
Jacob Barfield0.000.00
Mike Gerald – Jesse Norris0.000.00
Patrick Cook – Wade Cook0.000.00
Coby Ard – Justin Laine0.000.00
Marshall Sasser – George Gore0.000.00