Next and last Kerr Spring Qualifier is April 18th at Longwood Grassy Creek!

2021 CATT Academy Championship May 22-23, 2021 $10,000 1st Place

2018, 2019, & 2020 CATT Championship winners took home $25,000.00!

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Fishing was tough on a tough day! Windy conditions surely kept some of the teams from running to their best spots! Hopefully the weather will start to calm down!
Jimmy Wall & Stephen Griggs bested the 39 boat field with 5 bass weighing 16.79 lbs! They took home $2,220.00!

Cavin Young & Ralph Taylor took 2nd with 14.98 lbs! $1,230.00!

Brandon Gray & Brian Clark 3rd 14.62 lbs!

4th Jason & Danny Houchin with 14.61 lbs!

Matt Harmon & Ryan Clark 5th 13.83 lbs!

Donald Coleman & Darnell Small 6th 13.82 lbs!

Tyler Trent & Jacob Lloyd 7th 12.99 lbs!

Chuck Morton & Mike Riggs with the Academy BF at 5.45 lbs!


39 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jimmy Wall / Stephen Griggs4.3016.79$2,220.00110
Cavin Young / Ralpf Taylor0.0014.98$1,230.00109
Brandon Gray / Brian Clark3.8814.62$665.00108
Jason & Danny Houchin3.7114.61$340.00107
Matt Harmon / Ryan Clark3.9113.83$265.00106
Donald Coleman / Darnell Small5.1313.82$317.00105
Tyler Trent / Jacob Lloyd (sub)4.1312.99$150.00104
Chuck Morton / Mike Riggs5.4512.63$273.00103
Greg & Jackson Lahr0.0012.49102
Billy Shelton / Mike Garner3.1912.39101
Monte Aleman / Steven Edmonds (sub)0.0012.29100
Marty Williams / Jerry Bono2.5111.7699
Jeff Shelton / Matt Childress0.0011.6998
Jerry Davis / Steve Summer0.0011.6697
Donnie Avant / Randy Waterman3.8111.4196
Jacob Lee / Sam Terry0.0011.1995
Paull Rigsbee / Corey Leonard3.3010.4994
Kevin Cheatham / Johnny Wilder0.0010.3493
Emmitt Whitby / Justin Dalton0.009.9092
Mark & Hunter Jackson0.009.8691
Michael Stewart / Buck Clark0.009.8390
Jeff Salmon / Wendy Moore0.009.8389
Jeff Taylor / Mike Connelly0.009.0588
Mike Maull0.007.9887
Aaron McQuain / Brandon Moore0.007.5086
Kevin Brown / Chris Wimbish0.007.3485
Jeremy Kent / Brendan Kent4.117.2084
Howard Midkiff0.006.0683
Derek Bowden / Matt Little0.005.8082
Michael Dikun / Jenny Li0.003.1081
Sam & Jimmy Porter0.000.0071
Charlie & Kiel Gunter0.000.0071
Cullen Ports / Justin Bobbit0.000.0071
Paul Smith / Jason Lloyd0.000.0071
Kenny & Ryan Reynolds0.000.0071
Kent Pearson / Bubba Barksdale0.000.0071
Jonathan Rhew / Roger Clary0.000.0071
Jimmy & Cody Condrey0.000.0071
Terry Easter / Dave Farrington0.000.0071
Total Entrys$4,680.00
BONUS $$1,300.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,460.00
Kerr 2021 Spring Final Fund$405.00
2021 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$75.00
2021 Kerr Spring Final Fund Total$1,725.00
2021 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$2,335.00


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