Jody Wright & Chris Marshall Win CATT Lake Murray, SC Nov 14, 2020


Next and last Fall CATT Lake Murray Qualifier is Nov 21! You only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Final Nov 28th!

So far we have 33 Teams eligible to enter the Murray Fall Final!

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Jody Wright & Chris Marshall whacked em on Lake Murray this past Saturday! They brought in 5 bass weighing 19.57 lbs and took home $1,025.00! They reported catching their fish on Katch-Her Jigs! Check them out in the CATT store!

2nd Place went to Dalton Dowdy & Joey Sabbagha with a limit weighing 15.72 lbs!

Ben Lee & Neil Huffstetler took 3rd with 15.71 lbs!

Jason Ries & Roger McKee with the BF 6.25 lbs!

22 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jody Wright – Chris Marshall5.8219.57$1,025.00110
Joey Sabbagha – Dalton Dowdy0.0015.72$220.00109
Neil Huffstetler – Ben Lee5.9915.71$110.00108
Steve Wicker4.9013.90$90.00107
Wendell Causey – Landon Rose3.7213.83106
Darryl Starkey – Garret Starkey0.0013.38105
Roger Farr – David Farr0.0012.39104
Johnny Mayer – Chris Epting0.0010.72103
Will Alewine – Edgar Alewine0.0010.18102
Joe Quinn – Tyler Causey4.749.90101
Travis Parrish – Gavin Parrish0.008.62100
Jason Ries – Roger McKee6.258.38$110.0099
Justin McGrady – Jeremy Adams4.217.6398
Frankie Taylor – Ryan Sheppard4.847.0797
Hunter Delesandro – Kevin Delesandro0.006.8596
Eric Enlow – Dan Beason4.966.2795
Freddie Gamble – La’Tonya Blanding0.000.0094
Len Harley – Blane Harley0.000.0094
Kevin Sanders – Justin Harvey0.000.0094
Dave Murdock – Steve Pizzino0.000.0094
Les Westberry – Dean Chapman0.000.0094
Troy Wood – Trey Wood0.000.0094
Total Entrys$1,320.00
BONUS $$$425.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,550.00
Murray Fall Final Fund$175.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$25.00
2020 Murray Fall Final Fund$170.00
2021 CATT /Phantom Championship$25.00


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