Next up is the Lake Joacassee/Keowee Fall Final on Lake Keowee Jan 24 launching from Mile Creek County Park! You only had to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Final! We have 28 teams eligible. At the Final 100% of the Final entry fees will be added to the Final purse to make the total payout at the Final!

Derek Lehtonen – Jon Carter win the Points and will fish the Final FREE and blast off boat #1!

The 2021 CATT Invitational will take place on Lake Hartwell Oct 29-30, 2021 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place! This date will be firm as soon as the 2021 Clemson football schedule is completed and hopefully we can stick with the 29th & 30th!

A team or solo angler must fish 2 CATT events to Qualify! You may fish the Invitational solo or with your partner or alternate partner your team used in any CATT event.
You can get in your 2 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2020 and CATT Spring 2021! Any CATT event after June 1, 2020 will count!

Joe Anders & Greg Glouse weighed in 5 bass at 18.75 lbs to take the win! They also weighed in a whale of a Spotted Bass at 5.71 lbs!

2nd went to to Chuck Harrison & Ryan Stroup with 18.21 lbs and they weighed in the BF at 7.30 lbs!

Derek Lehtonen & Jon Carter 3rd with 17.32 lbs! They brought in a 5.42 lbs Spotted bass!

Some more fat Spotted Bass from Lake Keowee!

Joe Anders – Greg Glouse5.7118.75$690.00110
Chuck Harrison – Ryan Stroup7.3018.21$290.00109
Derek Lehtonen – Jon Carter5.4217.32$100.00108
Shannon Poor – Jeremy Stewart3.4313.51107
Adam Smith – Jamie Rampey4.4112.84106
Charles Murphy – Cody Ray4.8712.56105
Roger Gosnell – Chad Powell3.9312.30104
Erik Martin – Brock Taylor2.7611.33103
Chris Faulkner – Roman Cholak4.7011.21102
Tyler Thompson – Allen Holcombe0.0010.56101
Ryan Lesley – Chase Griffith0.009.71100
Cliff Ferrell – Keller Campbell0.009.2499
Richie Case – Connie Case0.006.7098
Steven James – Kurt Brooks0.000.0097
Tony Gravely – Matt Durham0.000.0097
Scott Adis – Ray McKenzie0.000.0097
Brian King – Garric Gunn0.000.0097
Matt Richardson0.000.0097
Total Entrys$1,080.00
BONUS $$340.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,080.00
2020 Keowee/Jocassee Fall Final Fund$135.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$25.00
2020 Keowee/Jocassee Fall Final Fund Total$345.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$490.00


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