Next up on Lake Wylie is the 1st Fall Qualifier Oct 17 launching from Buster Boyd!

We finally concluded the Lake Wylie Spring Trail this past weekend! Joe Hansil & Jason Humphries cash in BIG with 5 bass weighing 10.89 lbs! They took home a total of $2,325.00! They also took home a Strike King Prize pack!

Roger Hoover claimed 2nd with 9.14 lbs and took home $700.00!

Dean Benfield received a $25 Academy Gift Card!

15 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Joe Hansil/Jason Humphries3.1010.89$2,325.00
Roger Hoover2.549.14$700.00
Mark Leech3.378.32$345.00
Dean Benfiled 1.887.73
Mike Thompson/Clay Williams0.006.81
Andrew Swain/Ken Nickerson4.676.15$105.00
David Winters/Tim Chapman0.000.00
Mike Seawright/Jason Eakers0.000.00
Terry Carteret0.000.00
Shawn Wallace/Axl Bartlett0.000.00
Thomas Richmond/Tony Talford0.000.00
Mike Sprouse/Robert Fowler0.000.00
Brad Zeigler//John Walker0.000.00
Dempsey Carter0.000.00
David Calbert/Bill Carothers0.000.00


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