John Campbell & Grace Campbell Win CATT Phantom Outdoors Invitational Cooper River, SC Feb 27, 2021


We had a great turn out for the 1st 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational at the Cooper River, SC with 55 teams entering! We plan to make this an annual event on the Cooper River so if you didn’t make this years Invitational we hope to see you in 2022!

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John Campbell & Grace Campbell win the Cooper River 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational with 5 bass weighing up at 17.93 lbs! They also weighed in the 1st BF at 5.42 lbs! All total they collected $5,850.00! Plus a $25 Gift Certificate from Bizz Baits!

2nd Place went to Wayne Clifton & Micah Bennett with 13.70 lbs worth $2000.00!

Justin Harvey & Jonathan Brindle weighed in 13.59 lb for 3rd Place and they collected $2.325.00!

Allan Williams & Chad Cook 4th with 13.40 lbs! $2,020.00!

Check out the rest of the money winners! Thanks for fishing!

55 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
John Campbell – Grace Campbell5.4217.93$5,850.00
Wayne Clifton – Micah Bennett4.7213.70$2,000.00
Jonathan Brindle – Justin Harvey3.1113.59$2,325.00
Allan Williams – Chad Cook3.5413.40$2,020.00
Bill Holmes – Will Smith5.3013.39$500.00
Randy Gibson3.8912.98$1,040.00
Willy Thompson – Doug Robertson3.8911.64$415.00
Roger Dennis – Davie Boman3.3010.71$225.00
Caleb Gerald – Mike Gerald2.5910.52$200.00
Todd Smith – Matt Murphy3.0210.44
Gentry Manning – Travis Osbourne2.3710.25
Brian Crosby – Elvis Black3.3310.24
Johan Wilson – Danny Shanz2.5610.23
Mark Johnson – Kyle Johnson3.5210.15
Cody Wilson – John Corriveau3.7310.13
Matt Baker – Andrew Baker2.359.85
Andrew Vereen – Ron Cannon2.529.84
Michael Gibbons – James Gibbons3.859.84
James Fender – Kyle Welch2.469.76
Robbie Boyd – Casey Warren4.349.09
Chris Peirano – Jesse Stanley3.169.00
Anthony Lee – Jason Owens2.349.00
Chris Jones – Ricky Bellamy2.578.83
James Robison – Carluss King2.818.48
Cecil Wolfe – Eddie Cox3.138.46
Gary Pope – Kevin Alford2.078.15
David Waldrop – Nick McPherson2.788.09
Jeremy Hewitt – Brian Howard2.317.70
Shawn Benton – Logan Benton3.707.67
Derrick Nixon – Bob Letizi3.777.48
Jeff Mullis – Rocky Mullis2.407.33
Elvis Peagler – Dylan McCalister1.816.67
Dylan McConnell – Dave McConnell1.486.35
Rob Poston – Austin McConnell2.186.29
Nick Lambert – Lance Lambert2.366.21
Greg Walker1.745.24
John Brady – Tony Cook0.004.98
Jamie Ethridge – Scott McClellan1.324.96
Willie Weatherford – Mike Judy1.991.99
Grant Powell – Travis Gatlin0.000.00
Winky Watford – Scottie Mixon0.000.00
Johnny Brinson – James White0.000.00
Winston Martin – Neal Martin0.000.00
Jason Mitchum – Paul Gaskins0.000.00
Spencer McNeil – Ben Cox0.000.00
Bubba Dennis – Bucky Clarke0.000.00
Danny Smith – Russ Luderman0.000.00
Chad Pennell – Brandon Riley0.000.00
Randal Drew – Ryan Drew0.000.00
Michael Craven – Nathan Mixson0.000.00
Kenny Kessler – Phil Cumbee0.000.00
Brian Surowiec – Walt Cumbee0.000.00
Mike Ard – Rusty Bullard0.000.00
Tom Bancroft – TJ Bancroft0.000.00
Brian Hackworth – Junter Hackworth0.000.00


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