Next up on the Cooper River is the Cooper River Spring Final August 1st at Cypress Gardens!

Matt & Andrew Baker win the Cooper River Points and will fish the Final Free!

John Campbell & Kyle Welch weighed in 5 bass at 16.93 lbs to take the win this past Saturday!

Eddie Punchak & Michael Dibello 2nd Place!

3rd Place Travis Gatlin & Grant Powell!

Griffin Crane & Tom Siwarski with the BF at 6.64 lbs!

John Campbell – Kyle Welch0.0016.93$600.00110
Eddie Punchak Michael Dibello0.0012.84$175.00109
Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell0.0012.45$75.00108
Griffin Crane -Tom Siwarski6.6411.43$75.00107
Matt Baker – Andrew Baker0.009.98106
Skeeter Wayne Crosby – Michael Craven0.009.51105
Jonathan Brindle – Justin Harvey0.009.31104
Ryan Romsberg Oliver Watkins0.008.08103
Ronald Young Terry Silman0.007.66102
Cody Wilson0.005.74101
Aaron Toups0.005.66100
Darrel Knies0.005.5699
Raul Dennis0.000.0098
Johnny Brinson – James White0.000.0098
Dylan Mcconnell Dave McConnell0.000.0098
Total Entrys$750.00
BONUS $$300.00
Total Paid At Ramp$925.00
Cooper River 2020 Spring Final Fund$115.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
Cooper River 2020 Spring Final Total$485.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$4,170.00


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