Next Cooper River CATT is Oct 24 at Cypress Gardens!

Another good crowd! 23 teams entered and John & Grace Campbell come out on top with 18.65 lbs! They also weighed in the BF at 6.01 lbs!

Randy Gibson & Bubba Dennis took 2nd!

James Fender & Kyle Welch 3rd!

Matt & Andrew Baker claimed 4th!

23 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
John Campbell – Grace Campbell6.0118.65$550.00110
Bubba Dennis – Randy Gibson0.0018.43$230.00109
James Fender – Kyle Welch0.0013.90$120.00108
Matt Baker – Andrew Baker0.0012.39$75.00107
Kimbo Black – Brian Crosby0.0011.17106
Frank Cantley0.0010.50105
Michael Craven – Justin Craven0.008.12104
Terry Silliman – Ronald Young0.007.82103
Jared Boles0.007.28102
Joseph Giampa0.007.24101
Matt Murphy – Jamie Lucarelli0.007.19100
Nick Lambert – Lance Lambert0.006.6799
Cory Burbage0.006.3298
Phil Westbury – Luke Westbury0.005.8797
Darrell Knies0.005.7696
Clay Kolb – Jeff Peralta0.005.1595
Joseph Scott0.002.9594
Brian Riley – Gene Youngs0.002.4793
James Ray Jr Robison – William Gregory0.000.0092
Dale Hanna – Shawn Hanna0.000.0092
Gavin Miles0.000.0092
Dale Lovelace0.000.0092
Casey Leach0.000.0092
Total Entrys$1,150.00
BONUS $$150.00
Total Paid At Ramp$975.00
2020 Chatuge Lake Fall Final Fund$135.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$0.00
2020 Chatuge Lake Final Fund Total$705.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund Total$4,750.00


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