John Proctor & Johnny Duarte Win CATT Waccamaw River, SC Summer Final August 14, 2021


The 2021 CATT Waccamaw River Fall Trail is posted! go to the Waccamaw Division page to view! We had a great 2021 Summer Series along with the success of the 2021 Waccamaw River Phantom Outdoors Invitational! At the conclusion of the Summer Final Saturday the total $$ CATT has paid on the Waccamaw River is $41,760.00!

We had a great crowd with 40 Teams enter the Summer Final at Bucksport Marina! With over $7,000.00 up for grabs someone was going to have a good day on the Waccamaw River. That someone was John Proctor of Conway, SC and Johnny Duarte from Boiling Spring, SC. They brought in 5 bass weighing 16.94 lbs to capture 1st Place! Adding to their total Team J&J weighed in the 2nd BF at 5.33 lbs and took home a total of $3,530.00! They also earned a $50 Strike King/Lews Gift Card!

2nd Place went to Mark Johnson of Georgetown, SC & Gary Pope also of Georgetown, SC with 5 bass weighing 15.56 lbs! They earned $1,200.00!

Casey & Dalton Warren of Galivants Ferry, SC took 3rd with 14.56 lbs worth $725.00!

Hunter Dickerson & Mark Curry both of Conway claimed 4th with 14.49 lbs and took home $430.00!

Chad Williams & Rodney Hardee both of Conway, SC collected $250.00 for their 5th Place finish with 13.47 lbs!

Mike Gerald & Jesse Norris both of Conway, SC finished in 6th Place with 13.20 lbs and received $220.00!

Winston Martin of Hemingway, SC & Wayne Marlow of Johnsonville, SC were the 7th Place team with 13.11 lbs. They earned $210.00!

Chris Jones of Conway, SC and Ed Owens of Hemingway, SC took 8th with 12.89 lbs worth $200.00!

JD Farrand & Jess White both of Conway, SC claimed the BF prize with a 5.85 lbs bass! They took home $260.00 plus a $100 Strike King/Lews Gift Card!

Wilson Hewitt of Georgetown, SC with a nice un!

Jacob & Steve Martin both from Conway, SC were our 2021 Waccamaw River Summer Point Champs!

1.John Proctor & Johnny Duarte 5.3316.94$3,530.00
2.Mark Johnson & Gary Pope5.1615.56$1,200.00
3.Casey & Dalton Warren3.3914.56$725.00
4. Hunter Dickerson & Mary Curry3.4414.49$430.00
5. Chad Williams & Rodney Hardee4.9113.47$250.00
6.Mike Gerald & Jesse Norris3.8413.20$220.00
7. Winston Martin & Wayne Marlow3.7413.11$210.00
8. Chris Jones & Ed Owens4.6512.89$200.00
9. Danny & Kaleb McLean3.4112.57
10. Danny Martin & Britt Brown3.1512.55
11. Jeremy & Wilson Hewitt3.6312.47
12. Corey Singleton & Jesse Hopkins2.3611.79
13. Calvin Clatterbuck & Bradley Thompkins3.3511.67
14. Ben Cox0.0011.35
15. Eric Lilly & TJ Hardee0.0011.25
16. Tommy & Thomas Collins3.0711.24
17. Jason Farrand & Jess White 5.8511.20$260.00
18. Steve & Jacob Martin2.6711.14
19. Nick gant & Patrick Cook2.9811.13
20. Danny Allen & Reid McDowell2.7810.94
21. Brian Howard & Wade Cook2.5710.92
22. Kevin Edge & Carluss King0.0010.34
23. Jesse Long & Kevin Heniford2.6410.00
24. George Porter & James Wade2.179.88
25. OJoe Gabella & Lee Floyd0.009.68
26. Timmy & Cody Squirers0.008.74
27. Robby Byrum & Eric Cox0.008.65
28. Justin Williams & Jordan Cook0.008.60
29. Scott McClellan0.006.91
30. Chris Alston0.005.02
31. Avery & Ritchie William0.000.00
32. Ron cannon0.000.00
33. Timmy Williamson & James Walters0.000.00
34. Shawn todd & Keaton harrelson0.000.00
35.:Dustin Powell & trey Vereen.0.000.00
36. Carlton Thompkins & Joel Barfield0.000.00
37. Charles Fryer & Danny Rabon0.000.00
38. Darren cook & Peter Horne0.000.00
39. Benny Carter0.000.00
40. Eric Freeman & Kevin Bazen0.000.00
Total Entrys$4,680.00
Final Fund$1,370.00
2021 Waccamaw River Final Total Payback$7,175.00
2021 Waccamaw River Payback as of 8/15$41,760.00


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