Johnny Duarte & John Proctor Win Catt Waccamaw River Summer Final! August 8,2018


Tournament Results Waccamaw River Summer Final! Proctor & Duarte Win BIG $2,360.00!

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Thanks for fishing with us on the Waccamaw River! The 2018 FALL Waccamaw River schedule is posted and the 1st Fall Qualifier is Sept 8th!

Johnny Duarte & John Proctor took 1st with 5 bass weighing 13.99 lbs and took home the BONUS $ All total they earned $2,360.00!

They also received a $100 AFTCO Gift Card!

Casey Warren took 2nd with 12.85 lbs and collected $1,100.00! plus an Academy Gift Card!

Mark Johnson & Gary Pope were 3rd with 10.31 lbs  $630.00!

Andy & Wesley Howell finished 4th with 10.05 lbs and weighed in the 2nd LEWS BF at 3.55 lbs  $366.00! Andy & Wesley received a Lews Mach Speed Stick!

Corey Singleton weighed in a 3.58 lb bass and took the 1st LEWS BF honors worth $154.00! He also received a Lews Mach Baitcast reel!

John Proctor & Johnny Duarte        BONUS $3.1013.99$2,360.00
Casey Warren     Acadamey Gift Card3.4112.85$1,100.00
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope2.9910.31$630.00
Andy & Wesley Howell    2nd BF3.5510.05$366.00
Patrick Cook & Wayne Marlowe2.329.88
Gavin & Richard Porter2.729.26
Winston Martin2.318.20
Robbie Byrum & Sammie Patterson3.057.76
Brian Howard & Wade Cook1.847.66
Sammie Grier & Cleo Strickland3.337.46
Ryan Thompson & Josh Medlin2.347.37
Adam Lewis & Wesley Williamson1.907.25
Danny Allen0.007.12
Corey Singleton     2nd LEWS BF3.586.34$154.00
Chris Jones & Ed Owens0.005.03
Lin Fore0.005.01
Alex Cribb & Roddy Cross0.003.29
Timmy Squirers & Jess White0.000.00
Eric Freeman0.000.00
Ray Inman & Jennifer Floyd0.000.00
Mitch Avant0.000.00
Timmy Williamson & James Walters0.000.00
Total Entrys$2,880.00
BONUS $$360.00
2018 Waccamaw  River Summer  Final Fund$1,810.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,610.00
Total Paid 2018 Summer Waccamaw River$15,135.00


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